Best Countries To Study Abroad

One of the most unique and latest study trends is the noticeable increase in the numbers of students seeking the best countries to study abroad. This not only widens their horizons to new distances but also gives them an international exposure of both culture and opportunities. There are a lot of advantages of studying abroad as well.

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Let’s look at the Top 8 student destinations abroad.

Best Countries To Study Abroad

8. Norway

Northernmost country in Europe, reputed for its ultimate dazzling beauty, Norway promises (for several programs at public universities) free education for all of its students. Reputed as a leading country in green initiatives. Norway is also a world leader in various industries such as oil and gas, oil and gas services, renewable energy, shipping, telecommunications, high-tech products and fish farming. With affordable health care, several outdoor experiences are free here. Plus, if you decide to join Norwegian Trekking Association, you might get accommodation at minimal fees.

Best Countries To Study Abroad
New Zealand

7. New Zealand

Low living costs, an opportunity to join internationally recognized universities, endless nature, and mesmerizing geography are some of the major benefits when it comes to studying in NZ. Plus if you want to discover the Asia Pacific region, we suggest you lock this choice. NZ is also trusted as a safe country, so Hail Solo Travel! Furthermore, Queenstown is famous for its walking-scenic treks. Another bonus point: it is fairly easy to secure admissions here since the government invests heavily in the education sector.

Best Countries To Study Abroad

6. Germany

Due to no tuition fees (or maybe low) studying in Germany can be easily done without burning a hole in your pocket. This, however, does not mean that quality of education is compromised. Some universities mandate it to learn the German language by introducing it as a module while others offer the programs in English as well. Having a health insurance is equally necessary. Another major benefit is that international students can prolong their stay for one year after they have completed their studies to hunt for jobs.

Best Countries To Study Abroad

5. France

With outstanding research and development opportunities, low tuition fees discounted travel and with Paris being the number 1 student city, France is one of the most sought-after countries. French is the third most common business language and is home to leading international corporations including Airbus, Total, Orange, and L’Oreal etc. If art, museum, and wines interest you, lock this country, today!

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Best Countries To Study Abroad

4. Canada

Canada is known for high standard and low cost of living. It is a just, safe and peace-loving nation where English and French both act as official languages. But the biggest reason to study here is the ease in applying for permanent residency.International students can apply for their Permanent Residency which takes up to 15 to 18 months from within Canada.  Apart from the great Niagara Falls, the majestic view of northern lights characterizes the fame of Canada. Also, according to UN survey, Canada is the world’s best residential area.

Best Countries To Study Abroad

3. Australia

If you are a fan of wildlife, you will be a fan of Australia. The third best country with high standard of living and considerably low tuition fees, Australia is the home to several international students. Except for the occasional meetings with Koalas, Kangaroos, and outback bush, another advantage of studying here is that foreign students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week to support their expenses. It is one the best countries to study abroad. Anybody who studies in Australia also enjoys the country’s impressive technology and research resources.

Best Countries To Study Abroad
Buenos Aires, Argentina

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Foodies Love Argentina” seems like the motto of the country. Argentina is also famous for its culture, best place to learn Spanish and has a reputation to be pocket-friendly as well. It is also a very lively place since every year major festivals are celebrated, especially in Buenos Aires including “La rural” and “Fashion Buenos Aires”. Iguazu Falls and Glacier National Park are two popular places to visit when in Argentina.

Best Countries To Study Abroad
London, England

1. London, England

British higher education and qualifications have an impressive international reputation. It also makes travelling in Europe easy and offers many good scholarships. It is famous to house many multicultural societies and is home to pure divine beauty. Your education will be recognized wherever you go and you can study almost anything here.

Which one you think is the Best countries to study abroad! Let us know your dream destination in the comments section below.

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