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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, YouTube content makers have amassed a bigger following than they previously had. This flood in the use of applications like YouTube has been noticeable since the start of the lockdown all over the nation. Sometimes YouTubers are issued a provisional ban if they fail to ratify the community guidelines impressed by YouTube. One of the famous gaming YouTubers Belle Delphine was banned from the platform currently. Followers have raised the question Why was Belle Delphine banned from YouTube?

Who is Belle Delphine?

Mary-Belle known as Belle Delphine Kirschner is a South-Africa-born English internet star who is famous for several different reasons.

Belle Delphine, originally a cosplay model, is also a pornographic actor and a YouTuber. She is known for having a society full of simps, which can be associated with her brand of content.

Belle Delphine started her career at the age of 14 as a nanny/waitress after dropping out of the Priestlands school in the UK. Currently, she is one of the richest and most famous female internet celebrities around. In this article, we try to trace the role of the whole simp culture behind her constant growth.

Why was Belle Delphine banned from YouTube’

YouTube ban Belle Delphine permanently on 20 November due to the description of sexual content on her YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel now shows terminated because of multiple or serious violations of YouTube’s policy on nude or sexual content. This ban has sparked up a little discussion as the YouTuber alleged on Twitter that she was never given a warning strike before the protocol banned her permanently from YouTube.

Belle Delphine
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YouTube has strict community guidelines, however they follow a 3 strike strategy wherein a channel is furnished with 3 strikes within a 90 days time frame as admonitions before any genuine move is made against them. Belle Delphine guaranteed on Twitter that she was rarely given an admonition and was straightforwardly eliminated from the stage by YouTube. Notwithstanding, YouTube issues boycotts straightforwardly once in a while when the stage sees extreme maltreatment occurring. This isn’t the first run through Beauty Delphine has been restricted from a stage, she was eliminated from Instagram earlier in July 2019.

Many YouTubers and fans have called the action second-rate by YouTube. They believe that many other channels portray the same content with no consequences. They also give an example of Cardi B’s viral music video, WAP.

YouTube at that point made a group investigation into the issue and reestablished the channel, stating regret to the content maker and the audience. Two of her recordings were eliminated from the channel and 1 has been age-restricted.

Beauty Delphine rose to ubiquity when she began selling ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ and different activities, for example, eating Pewdiepie’s photograph on her channel prompted her ascent to popularity. Belle Delphine is only 21 years of age and she’s sparked up discussions with two of the greatest stages, Instagram and YouTube. Belle Delphine has amassed a ton of abundance on account of her web-based media affecting.

Like Belle Delphin, the 19-year-old gamer girl and cosplayer has more than 4.5 million Instagram followers and more than 4,000 patrons on Patreon, who announced in a post back in July that she was the “Gamer Girl Bathwater” for all of you. Must be selling the jar for all the ” THIRSTY gamer boys.” The action went viral, and its jars sold out almost immediately. Since then, Bathwater has been the topic of much controversy, with some claiming (falsely) that it gave them to Herpes and other companies that were selling fake jars of Delphine’s pee.

The bathwater bit began as a joke among Belle Delphin’s fans

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Delphine is a long way from the principal individual to sell their bathwater on the web. (“Individuals purchase my pee, cum, and so on It’s normal … heck, I’ve even sold my trash previously,” grown-up entertainer Princess Berpl said Rolling Stone because of the trick.) She got the thought, she disclosed to The Guardian, from her fans.

“Many people would remark on my photographs saying they would drink my shower water. I was considering thoughts one day, and it just flew into my head. Imagine a scenario in which I packaged and sold my bathwater.”


So she did. After her initial round of bathwater sold out, she declared that she is selling more bathwater “One final TIME … aside from this time, it’s sufficient to suffocate in,” before later mentioning that it sold out again in a single day.

She was selling her bathwater to horny dudes for $30 a jar. However, currently, she is banned from YouTube and there is no bathwater for sale on her website.

Why was Belle Delphin arrested?

Belle Delphine
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Since her Instagram account was restricted in July 2019, it is reputed that she got caught for selling bathwater through the Royal Mail. YouTuber Ethan Klein examined Delphine on his digital broadcast a couple of days after her arrest. For the unversed, Belle Delphine declared and began selling her bathwater to thirsty gamer young men for $30 for a container.

While the hypotheses were making adjustments on the table, Delphine’s next post on Twitter eliminated any confusion. In a tweet, she guaranteed that the arrest happened after a lady purportedly took her hamster at a gathering. Angry Delphine likewise appended a couple of pictures with the tweet which incorporated a painted picture of Pepe the frog (which is sorted as a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League) a screen capture of a discussion and a spray-painted vehicle with a message.

Clarifying the entire occurrence, Belle Delphine composed, ‘I stg this young lady went to my gathering and took my hamster. I have no clue about why, or who t* do that”, in her subtitle. Further her subtitle read that, I spray-painted the f*** out of her vehicle and got captured, at any rate, I got my hamster back. b****’. Her inscription caused it to seem like Delphine got her hamster back after the supposed episode.


Even though she dispelled any confusion about her supposed capture, the ban on her web-based media account was a hotly debated issue for some. In August, she shared an image of her on Twitter. She likewise asserted that she’d gotten awful food contamination out traveling to Greece, which a few fans took as a clarification for her quiet.



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