Bebika Dhruve Net Worth
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Bebika Dhruve Net Worth: A Big Boss Fame, Know 10 Interesting Facts About Her

Bebika Dhruve, is an astrologer, a dentist, a singer, and an actress. Bebika became famous due to a famous reality show Bigg Boss, who appeared as a contestant. Bebika dhruve was born on June 26 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Bebika Dhruve is a talented actress even seen on Indian television shows. Know about Bebika Dhruve Net Worth, Bebika Dhruve Age, Bebika Dhruve family and many interesting facts bout her.

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth
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Bebika Dhruve education

Bebika Dhruve belongs to a well-educated family, even though she is well educated and has several professional degrees in different fields. Let’s have a look at the different degrees she has pursued.


Bebika was born in Mumbai and did her schooling in Mumbai itself. She was good at studies and had an interest in biology. She wanted to become a doctor.

Dental degree

after completing college she grew interested in the medical field, and she has pursued a detailed degree from a reputed college named Rajiv Gandhi University of Health.
She pursued her dental degree from Bangalore and presently she has her clinic and has seen practicing in it.

Bebika Dhruve Early Interest

Bebika was overall talented and had an interest in many things. She was involved in many circular activities like school plays, paintings, football, etc. She used to play football with her friends and even got selected for inter-schocompetitionsion.

Bebika was influenced by her father’s astrology, she had an interest in astrology from a young age. She learned astrology from her father even now she can predict by seeing someone’s hands. Even in Big Boss, she was seen doing astrology by seeing someone’s hand.

Bebika had an interest in watching movies, by watching movies she grew interested in acting, and after the beauty competition, she started giving auditions for television serials.

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Bebika Dhruve’s family background

Bebika belongs to a reputed and well-known family, her father is a famous astrologer. Her father is seen many times in television shows and even in Big Boss. Her father is a true astrologer and his institutions and predictions are always correct.


Bebika Dhruve’s father, Pandit Janardhan Dhruve is a well-known astrologer, known for his accurate predictions. Her father always supported her in each step of her life. Her father arrived on the reality show Big Boss in Family Week to show support to her.


Bebika’s mother is a homemaker, her mother is not involved in any television shows. She played a crucial role in her life, she uplifted her whenever she felt low, supported her in every step as a protective mother, and listened to her as a caring best friend.


Bebika Dhruve has 5 sisters excluding her, they all share a great bond between themselves. All her sisters are good at studies and astrology.

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Bebika Dhruve’s physical appearance: height, hair color, skin tone, eye color

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth is a chubby girl, despite her weight, she always efficiently participated and expressed herself in every field she could. Given below are the basic details about her physique

Height –  Bebika is 5 feet 5 inches tall

Weight – Bebika is of 75 kilograms

Eye color – Black

Hair color – Black

Bebika Dhruve’s television career

Bhagya Lakshmi

Bebika is a confident girl, she has gone to audition with her heavy weight and no acting classes. Her acting skills were praised by the co-actors and actresses. Bebika has worked in many television serials like Bhagya Lakshmi, from this very first show she got recognition and fame.

Bebika gathered the attention of people through her captivating performance as Devika Oberoi, her performance and character was liked by audiences. Her acting skills were as a professional actor but she claims that she has never gone to acting school in her life.

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Big Boss

Real fame she got when she entered Big Boss OTT 2, this season was a blast, everyone got the clarity of Bebika’s personality from this show, and people showcased mixed reactions towards her. The fame that she got from the big boss was unbelievable.

People liked her presence in the show, she was one of the entertaining contestants and even got a place in the finale of the show. Bebika with her charm and cunningness grabbed the attention of the audience.

Bebika Dhruve’s medical career

Bebika has been praised for her education versatility, she has proved herself capable in every field she has entered. Bebika is a practiced dentist who has her clinic and has even been seen sharing pictures of her medical journey through social media.

Besides this  Bebika is also a certified student of the (AAID)American Academy of Implant Dentistry at Roseman University, United States. This shows her interest in her medical career.

During her medical studies, her teacher encouraged her to participate in beauty contests and to enter the world of glamour. While pursuing her dentist degree she started participating in the beauty competition and also secured positions there. This shows her versatility and confidence, despite her weight she never fails to take part.

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Bebika dhruve relation with Abhishek malhan

They used to share a sweet bond, even in the reality show they were friends, but later they grew grudges for each other. Bebika has seen visiting hospitalized Abhisek Malahan also known as Fukraa Insaan. Bebika showered her love on her co-contestant who secured the second position in the show through her social media.

Bebika shared her heart-warming picture and also gave best wishes for securing a position in the show. Later, she was seen denying her friendship with him, they even unfollowed each other on Instagram. Bebika was seen conveying her thoughts with Paps and even said that she does not know who is Abhishek malhan.

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Bebika Dhruve relationship rumors

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth mentioned in an interview that she wants to be in a relationship as she does not feel free while being with someone. She confessed that she loves to eat tasty things from time to time which can not comfortably do while being with someone.

She stated that she wants a person who can treat her like she wants, she wants him to bring her favorite foods and snacks. She wants his partner to be understanding and caring and she does not want any interference of his partner in her diet plan.

Bebika even conveyed that she wants to be alone for some time and give her whole attention to her career. She does not interfere in any terms. She mentioned that she can progress in her life if she pays attention to it.

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Bebika Dhruve big boss journey

Bebika’s journey has been full of ups and downs but through her unfiltered and unique thoughts, she garbed the attention of the audience. Bebika was one of the lovable contestants of OTT season two.


As per the show’s demands and criteria, she fulfilled their request and worked according to the rules. Her bonds were not consistent in the show, earlier she was seen on good terms with Manisha Rani and Abhishek Malhan but as time passed she engaged in huge controversies and fights with them.

As the show progressed she broke a bond with Manisha and Abhishek and grew an immense friendship with Pooja Bhatt, their friendship continues till now. She treated Pooja Bhatt as her mentor and used to listen to her thoughts. They had a great time in the show.


Bebika got the chance to reach the finals of the reality show, she was in the top 4 but did not progress further, elvish Yadav was the winner of the show. Bebika Dhruve Net Worth was seen getting emotional that time as she covered up a huge journey of ups and downs.

She was praised by the host Salman Khan, who acknowledged her journey and praised her friendship with Pooja Bhatt and others. She got fame and recognition from the show. She was later seen posting pictures of the shows through her social media.

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Bebika Dhruve’s actual career

Bebika has put her steps in various careers, she is an astrologer, an actress, and a dentist. She gives equal attention in every field, runs her dental clinic, and has done many album songs and a television serial.

She is an astrologer too, she knows how to read hands, and she can make correct predictions and assumptions. She is known to be a great astrologer, she grew interested in astrology due to her father as her father is a great astrologer.

Bebika Dhruve Future Plans

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth wanted to be in an acting line, but she wanted to work in Bollywood movies. She has great acting skills and can touch heights in this line. She never went to acting classes but knows how to act, react, and say.

She stated that she wants to focus on each career she has an interest in, she wants to make her astrology aspect strong, and even has a dream to expand her clinic.

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth

Bebika dhruve Net Worth

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth is 15 crores, her net worth consists of many factors that are clinic, social media platform, albums, etc. She earns in crores due to her hard work and willingness towards each work she performs.

She pays equal attention to every factor that can give profit, she invests her time in each work. The reason behind success is her determined nature towards every possible work.

Presence of Bebika Dhruve in different social media

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth is active on all the social media platforms which makes her more popular and desirable. Her presence is on every platform, she posts different content to entertain her followers. Let us have a view on the content of different social media platform


Bebika Dhruve Instagram is named as bebika. Dhruve. She has 515k followers with 500+ posts, she posts her pictures, and upcoming projects and shares stories of her lifestyle. Bebika is followed by many influencers in India.
Bebika is fond of making reels, almost all her reels get millions of views and likes. Her reels are of different types but most of them are of comedy types. She makes reels and posts them on Instagram, YouTube, etc.


Bebika Dhruve Net Worth has a great impact on YouTube, she earns a lot through her vlogs and her vlogs are of different types like made-up, lifestyle, and gram(get ready with me). Her vlogs are liked by her followers, her followers wait for her vlogs to upload. Her YouTube I’d is Bebika Dhruve. 


Bebika Dhruve is active on Twitter, she tweets her feelings and emotions. She even reacts to the day-to-day news, she enjoys sharing her feelings and emotions with people who are emotionally connected with her.


Bebika uses Snapchat and shares her day-to-day experiences with the foods and clothes she carries, she loves to share her whole day with people to make them connect with her. She is active on Snapchat and loves to put stories on Snapchat, she even enjoys the filter provided by the platform.

Bebika Dhruve songs

Bebika loves to write and compose songs, her one song got much love and hate at the same time. The song was written on her own and was sung by her. Bebika Dhruve Net Worth song name is Boti Boti, this video has reached 45 lakh views and 69 lakh likes. She played the lead role in her song and became famous through this too.

Bebika dhruve controversy: Manisha Rani, Abhishek Malhan

After the completion of the reality show Big Boss, she was on good terms with Fukraa Insaan but later starts denying her friendship with him. She knowingly unfollowed him on Instagram and officially broke his friendship with him.

During the reality show, Bebika and Manisha were not on good terms, they used to have huge fights, and even after the show, their bond was never restored. Their fan pages used to fight too till now, Bebika Dhruve in an interview opened up about this and said that her fanbase used to pull me down.

Lesser Known Facts About Bebika Dhruve  Net Worth

1. Bebika Dhruve learned to cook chapatti when she was in 9th class, due to her big family she used to daily make 40 chapatti in the morning.

2. At the time of school, she used to take part in school plays and annual functions. She also had an interest in football, played inter-football competitions, and got 1500 rupee cash as a prize.

3. Bebika was mischievous in her old days, she used to tease her friends on good terms but her friends did not like that so she decided to stay away from big groups and make valuable friends.

4. Bebika Dhruve Net Worth participated in an international beauty competition and was a finalist in that competition.

5. At present time, Bebika Dhruve Net Worth is in crores but she has started her career with one thousand rupees. Her first income was one thousand rupees only.

6. Bebika Dhruve Net Worth, loves to go shopping and whenever she does it she brings gifts for her parents also, she loves her parents.

7. Bebika has been found in many controversies with her co-contestant Manisha Rahi, Bebika in an interview called her fake and an attention seeker.

8. Bebika Dhruve Net Worth is in crores, it is estimated that her net worth is around 15 crores.

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth
Source: Instagram


From the above words we can conclude that she has an outstanding personality, she is confident enough to face the problems and criticism in life. Bebika Dhruve Net Worth has an inspiring journey to look upon, she is a well-educated and well-brought-up lady, and she invests her time in each field she has created. She has versatility in her professional life, she is a doctor, a singer, an actress, and a social media influencer. Bebika Dhruve Net Worth is in crores which depicts her hard work and interest in different careers.

Frequently asked questions about Bebika Dhruve Net Worth

1. Who is Bebika dhruve?

Bebika Dhruve is a famous Big Boss contestant actress, a singer. She has even worked in the television show Bhagya Lakshmi as Debika Oberoi.

2. Who is Bebika Dhruve’s father?

Bebika Dhruve’s father, Pandit Janardhan Dhurve, a famous astrologer has appeared several times on television. He has even appeared in Big Boss more than three times.

3. What is Bebika Dhruve age?

Bebika Dhruve was born on June 26, 1993. She is now 31 years old and still manages to pursue a different career at the same time.

4. What is Bebika Dhruve Net Worth?

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth is in crores, as per the information, her net worth in 2023 is around 15 crores. Her net worth is higher than many social media influencers.

5. About Bebika Dhruve Net Worth journey?

Bebika Dhruve Net Worth journey is not as simple as seen by people, she started her career with just one thousand rupees. Her father’s presence in Bollywood may be the reason for her early success but her hard work is remarkable.

6. What is Bebika Dhruve Net Worth on Instagram I’d?

Bebika Dhruve Instagram is named Bebika.dhruve use with lakhs of followers and hundreds of posts. She posts different random pictures, videos, etc.

7. What is Bebika Dhruve Relationship status?

Bebika Dhruve declared herself as single and added that she does not want to be involved in any relationship. She does not want to enter into a relationship in this phase because she wants to focus on herself first rather than focusing on relationship issues.

8. What is Bebika dhruve Cast?

Bebika Dhruve is an Indian.

9. Position of Bebika Dhruve in big boss?

Bebika managed to be in the finals but did not get the trophy. She was in the top five of the finals and secured fourth position. Bebika was seen disappointed at the time but later got praised by the show host Salman Khan.

10. What is Bebika Dhruve’s Birthday date?

Bebika was born on 26 June 1993. Bebika Dhruve Birthplace is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


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