Declaring a lockdown within the capital on 23rd March, Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said Delhi has recorded 29 cases so far and on the off chance we do not take quick measures now, things will end up to be more awful. Kejriwal said imposing a lockdown till 31st March within the capital can assist us with battling the Coronavirus.

Later, on 24th March while addressing the nation for the second time in less than seven days, PM Modi announced an entire lockdown for 21days starting midnight of 24th March. “To protect India and each Indian there’ll be an entire prohibition on coming out of your residences,” Modi said by adding that if the country did not manage the subsequent 21 days, the country would be set back by 21 years.

Curfew passes have been made compulsory to enter into the state from 24th March, which suggests travel between Delhi and its neighboring areas including Noida, Ghaziabad, Sonipat, Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar, Gurugram, and Manesar would require a curfew pass. An exception has been made for state administrators engaged with legitimate administrations however rest is going to be required to show their identity cards.

Curfew has been imposed in Delhi to make sure strict enforcement of the lockdown aimed toward limiting the spread of highly infectious coronavirus.

State boundaries with Delhi are going to be pack up and entry of vehicles from other states won’t be permitted within the capital.

Section 144 of CrPC is imposed which states gathering of more than four people are prohibited and actions are going to be taken against the rule-breakers

No private buses, rickshaws, autos are allowed to run during the lockdown period in Delhi. 25% of DTC buses will still ply on the roads of Delhi for the people involved in essential administrations.

All the essential services like electricity, water system, fire services, grocery stores, chemists, petrol pumps, hospitals, news broadcasts and print, etc will still be in process.

Metro and Indian railways have already been shut and an extra shut on domestic and international flights has been imposed.

All private offices, schools, and colleges will remain closed and therefore the employees both permanent and contractual can practice work from home. Furthermore, the businesses need to provide their employees with a salary for the time period.

The crucial services excluded from constraints encompass law and order, magisterial duty, electricity, water, fire, police, prisons, fair price shops, municipal services, print, and electronic media, food items, ATMs, general stores, petrol pumps, LPG cylinder agencies, e-commerce of all essential goods.

People can purchase necessary food and groceries and may also travel but just for emergency purposes.

Fighting back Corona is not any blame game. We as an entire got to take our breakthrough towards fighting against this major matter of concern for the whole country.

In these difficult times, let’s keep our minds still and have grace enough to behave responsibly and have understanding and compassion for everybody around us.

Appreciate doctors, police, cleaners, our PM and CM and all the people who are working hard to save the people of the planet and also appreciate your efforts.

Currently, the situation of the world is crucial and during this difficult situation lets fight together and support 21days lockdown.

So be responsible and patient. Remember, this too shall pass.

~Priya Nagpal


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