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University of Delhi released second cutoff on saturday, several courses in various colleges have closed for admissions, with most courses that continue to be open in the second cut off witnessing a drop of about 0.25-0.5 percentage points in top colleges. However, in comparison such is not the case for the course B.Com (Hons), which witnessed a significant drop in percentage across many colleges.

The drop in the cutoff is the steepest in Mata Sundri College for Women. The B.Com (Hons) cut-off has dipped from 96 in the first cutoff list to 91 percent now in the second cutoff list. Those top colleges which have reduced the cutoff only marginally for other colleges have seen a bigger drop in the B.Com(Hons) course.

The cut-off in the Hansraj College has dropped from 99.25 % to 98 %. According to the final admission report uploaded on the website by the college on 14 October, which was the last date for application, there was only one admission in the programme in the unreserved category.

Similarly in Hindu College, the cut-off for the programme has depreciated from 99.25 percent to 98.25 percent. The October 14 admission report on the college’s website reports five admissions in the unreserved category and 33 admissions across all categories. Hindu college has 79 seats in this course.

Principal of Hindu College, Anju Srivastava, shared that the higher cut-offs were set viewing the previous year trends and statistics and usually the admission in the B.Com (Hons) course generally stabilizes around the second and the third cut-offs but this year they are shocked to see that the course is unpopular among the top scorers. They will now have to study and try to understand the reasons for this and plan accordingly.

Similarly there has been a remarkable dip in subjects like English and Economics.

Hansraj has reduced its English cut-off from 98 to 97.75 percent, and Hindu has dropped its Economics cut-off from 99.25 to 98.75 percent. SRCC has reduced it’s B.Com (Hons) cut off from 99.5 to 98.5 percent but kept its Economics cut-off the same as in the first list at 99 percent.

The cut-off for Science subjects also dropped lower in comparison to the arts and commerce subjects. For instance, in Dyal Singh College, the cut-off for Physics, Chemistry and Maths has dropped by 3 percent, 3 percent, and 4 percent percentage points respectively.

Overall, while several top colleges including Hindu, SGTB Khalsa, IP College for Women, Gargi, and Kamala Nehru closed admissions for many courses after the first cutoff only, others like Lady Shri Ram, Miranda, Ramjas, Kirori Mal, SRCC, and Hansraj still do have most courses open.

Among the Science subjects, Maths has emerged the favorite with the course shutting in 11 colleges.


10 of the 21 courses have been closed at Hindu College. Similarly, SGTB Khalsa has closed 13 courses, Kamala Nehru College has closed nine courses, and IP College has closed six courses.





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