Meet IG Empires, Avinash Mada made 80 Lakhs, Who Can Teach You How To Get Those Exclusive Likes and Followers On Instagram.

It is an era of likes, followers, comments on social sites like Instagram, Facebook and many more. If you say that you have an account on these social sites then the first question you will be asked is how many followers? And it’s too miserable to answer if you don’t have much.
If I Say, Avinash Mada Can Help You In this Depressing Situation!!
He has amazing skills that can help you to increase the number of followers on Instagram. Enter Avinash Mada and his IG Empires. You will soon see your dreams come true. You can check his previous records as his clients like e-commerce and UK based skincare brands have reached up to 65,000 followers in just four months and Avinash Mada made 80 Lakhs

How Do They Work?
They make proper strategies to make this successful. Initiating from lots of market research, responding to DMs and answering back to the comments. They add value to the brand and when the brand reaches a peak they gave the option to the followers to buy it. And in the end, all this hard work help Avinash to earn up to $20k a month.
They also gave an opportunity to the artist and the art lover. They aid the artist to get hired by the other people and earn the feasible payment. In fact, IG Empires co-founder is interacting with artists every day.

Different Strategies They Follow
IG Empires manage to increase the number of followers of their clients by :
• Lots of market research.
• Spreading informative posts related to brand across their 20 million followers networks and boosting brand awareness.
• Using the perfect hashtag and caption regarding the post.
• Then gradually start pitching products.

Avinash Mada is pursuing his pursuing BTech from Lovely Professional University. Lovely Professional University appreciates the start-ups, according to them the start-ups are the new inventor. LPU support them at there best. If they want to establish a business LPU will help them with a proper connection related to that business. LPU also provides a proper mentor and funding assistance to the start-ups. They also link them to Silicon Valley, Universities abroad and other institutions for them to adopt industry and global practices.

Avinash Mada was one of the youngest start-ups of Lovely Professional University, and he never gives up on IG Empires, and in fact, he has big plans to make this successful.

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~Neha Dhingra


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