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Avantika Mohan Instagram: A Beauty and Lifestyle blogger, Know 10 Inspiring Facts of Her

Avantika Mohan, is a praised blogger, a fashion influencer,  a traveler, and an entrepreneur. She is an Indian blogger but currently residing in Dubai. Avantika Mohan  Instagram has created her dream life in the digital world on her own. She is known for her extraordinary fashion style and has an interest in traveling. Avantika Mohan Instagram is recognized as a fashion star and has been an inspiration for influencers.

She is a self-made star who overcame a lot of difficulties on her own and created a dream of life for herself and her family.

Avantika Mohan Instagram
Source: Instagram

Avantika Mohan Education: Primary, Higher Studies

Avantika Mohan did her schooling in India, she went to a convent school in Dehradun, and during her school days, she started helping her earn chores.

Primary Studies

Avantika Mohan Instagram went to a convent school in Dehradun, where she did her primary studies and completed her 12 from the same school.

Higher Studies

as per the known facts, she has not invested her time in higher studies. After completing her 12, she moved to Delhi in search of a job.

Avantika Mohan’s Early Background

Avantika Mohan is Indian and was born in Dehradun. As she was nurtured in the middle class she aimed to become a milliner from an early age. She started her career early to achieve the success she desired. She started her career as a fashion blogger when she was pursuing her degree.

Avantika Mohan Instagram
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Avantika Mohan used to live in a one-room house with her family members including her mother, father, and her brother. When her mother started a boutique a tailor joined, and he also lived there in that one-room home.

Avantika Mohan Family: Mother, Father, Siblings


Avantika Mohan Mother, earning member of the family. Her mother has a boutique, where she used to keep trendy clothes. Her mother was the earning factor, Avantika Mohan Instagram during her schooling helped her mother in her business.


Avantika Mohan Instagram
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Earlier, Avantika Mohan’s Father was not a settled man. He was trying his hard to be stable enough to be his wife’s helping hand. At that time Avantika Mohan’s Father was trying and experimenting with different jobs and businesses and kept on switching jobs but nothing worked.


Avantika Mohan Instagram has a brother, who has a very protective nature towards her. Her brother doesn’t allow him to wear too short dresses. His brother guided and helped her throughout the journey.

Personal information: Birthday, Age, height

Avantika Mohan Height 

Avantika Mohan is always being credited by people for her height, people used to say you have such a nice height, you must give auditions and participate in beauty concerts. Avantika Mohan’s height is 5.9 inches.

Avantika Mohan Birthday

The birth of an inspiration happened on 11 October 1985, Dehradun.

Avantika Mohan Age

Now, Avantika Mohan Instagram, is 39 years old. She started working early and got a well-settled job at the time when she was 20 years old, at the age of 35 she lost her job due to the pandemic and then she became a businesswoman, and then an entrepreneur.

Avantika Mohan Instagram
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Relationship status:  Avantika Mohan Husband

Avantika Mohan’s Husband, Durjoy Dutta, a famous writer, has written several famous novels like “Now that You’re Rich”, Oh Yes, I’m Single, etc. Her husband even worked in many Indian famous television shows like ” Ek veer di areas veera”, ” Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi”, etc.

Avantika Mohan Instagram
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Lower Middle Class to a Dubai Resident

Avantika Mohan has faced a lot of problems, she used to live in a small house in Dehradun. They were settled in a room house, where 4 members used to live. They were facing a really hard time, there was a time when there was no money for school fees, and and could not even afford to celebrate birthday parties.

Avantika Mohan added that she was not a scholar she had no chance of becoming an actor or an engineer, but she was a hardworking girl from her childhood days which made her a millionaire in recent times.

The First Step Towards Success

As mentioned above her hardworking nature, she used to help her mother in her very new boutique. Avantika Mohan started helping her mother when she was eight standards, she used to travel by bus to different cities to buy clothes at reasonable rates, then used to sell those clothes in her mother’s boutique.

Avantika Mohan Instagram
Source: Instagram

This shows her stubborn nature, at that age, children focus on their studies only, but she was a working girl at that time facts that she also managed to go to school.


Worked in a Call Center 

After the completion of school, when her friends were wondering and searching for colleges and courses, she was searching for a job. She just wanted to get employed, the only one that offered her job on a 12 basis was a call center job. A call center job was offered to her, where she used to get 5 thousand, she was impressed by that 5 thousand rupees as she had not imagined that too.

Won Miss Uttrakhand’s Title

She won the state-level beauty contest, she became a mini-celebrity of her state people started recognizing her. She was called up to cut ribbons, she was even called up as the chief guest, etc.

Miss Uttrakhand’s title did not give her money but had the fame and dignity that she was waiting for. She used this opportunity very well and invested her time to become more famous day by day.

Avantika Mohan Instagram
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Flight Attendant: in Search of Stability

Avantika Mohan wanted stability in her life, she did want to wait for months to get an offer from the people to run ribbons and all. She started her flight attendant career with Indigo then she gradually shifted to another airline in search of better options. She enjoyed this job, she used to take a look at her with pride.

Due to her job rules, she developed the ability to talk to people with politeness and grace, she developed confidence through this job. Avantika Mohan Instagram came into the picture through the air assistant job.

Avantika Mohan First Business

A rise of business women appeared, at the age of 35. When she lost her job at the time of COVID-19, she was traumatized as she had not done any higher studies, she started roaming the streets of Dubai with a resume in hand in search of a job. She was not afraid of any job, she was even ready to hand clothes in shops, she just wanted to earn.

Avantika Mohan Instagram
Source: Instagram

Got the Opportunity

Once, when she was roaming in the streets a big guy came and asked her to review his cafe. Avantika Mohan Instagram asked for some time to prepare a presentation as she had zero knowledge of Excel and all, she asked every possible member to teach and help her. After 2 months, when she pitched to that guy, the guy was impressed by the honest of her, and he handed the business to Avantika Mohan Instagram for 6 months.

Cracked the Opportunity

When the cafe business was in her hands, she tried multiple tricks to improve the rating of the cafe. She had followers on her social media handles, and she started posting pictures of cafe items to attract people but this also did not work.

When people used to come to cafes, whatever they demanded was fulfilled by Avantika Mohan  Instagram, she started treating her customers as a flight attendant. If the customer demanded fast service, she would join the kitchen, if people had complaints about the dust she would start dusting. Through all the efforts she made the rating from 2 point something to 4 point five.

Avantika Mohan 3 Dreams: In Her Own Words

In a podcast, available on YouTube, Avantika Mohan  Instagram confronted about her initial days, and initial struggles, and stated about her inspiring journey from a lower middle-class girl to a successful entrepreneur. She talked about her family issues and, the problems they faced at their initial times.

Want to become an Earning Factor in Her House

She has seen her mother and father struggling with school fees, food, etc. Therefore, she had the dream to be an earning factor from a very young age, when she was studying in eight classes she started helping her mother to lessen the workload of her mother.

Then just after the completion of school, she moved to another city, Delhi to earn and help her family. She worked there in a call center with wages of five thousand per month.

Had a Dream to Become Miss India 

Avantika Mohan Instagram, had dreams of becoming Miss India, but to crack that a person must have a certain level of grooming and could not afford it at that time. After some time, Miss Uttrakhand was announced, and she thought that she could take part in this and prove herself.

Avantika Mohan Instagram got the first miss Uttrakhand tittle. She participated with her father’s pants and her mother’s designed clothes but the crown which she was wearing was of her zeal and enthusiasm which made her win the title.

Created an Agency, Named RAYNA’s

She created an agency named her on the name of her daughter Rayna, where she shared advertisements, made content, shared movies in Dubai, etc. She aims to launch and share big blockbuster movies through this agency.

Avantika Mohan Instagram
Source: Instagram

Love Towards her Parents

When she started working as a flight attendant, she got the stability that she was in search of. Her dream was to give the house to her parents as she was still living in that one-room house. Just after 6 months of work she took a loan and made a house for her parents, she wanted her parents to live a normal life.

Her towards her parents was from starting and it is never ending. When she worked in a call center she tried to skip meals so that she could send money to her parents.

Impact of Covid: Avantika Mohan Lost her Dream Job

When COVID came into the picture, all over there was news that people were losing their jobs and work. Avantika Mohan Instagram survived the first wave with no regrets but when the second wave arrived she got an email that is was not even thinking of. She opened the mail and was shocked, she skipped a heartbeat even now when she thinks about that, she was jobless again.

When Avantika Mohan was living her life as a flight attendant, she used to think that this was her settled life as she got paid for everything she did, she even got money from the airlines to visit different places, and her rent and electricity bills were being paid by the airlines.

Avantika Depression Phase: When, How Cured? 

Avantika Mohan was depressed when is was 19 years old and got medications for that which made her well and she did not get attacks for a long time. Avantika Mohan Instagram again got depression symptoms when she was pregnant, her mother used to tell her you should be proud of this moment to take her out of it. The second time she did get medications as she was ashamed of going to the doctor about this during her pregnancy period.

Avantika Mohan Instagram
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Avantika Mohan Instagram: Lesser Known Facts

  • 1. Avantika Mohan did not have an interest in studies, but she used to dream big to achieve success. Her interest was inclined towards achieving heights from a very young age. She did not have an interest in studies but had an interest in working and earning money.
  • 2. When she moved to Delhi to work in a call center, where she used to get five thousand money. She had promised her mother that she would send money to help her, but due to the expenses of Delhi, she was unable to do that. So to make things possible she started leaving meals so that she could save money and send that to her mother.
  • 3. Earlier, when Avantika Mohan  Instagram took part in the Miss Uttrakhand competition, she got there wearing her father’s pants. She was disappointed and taught that her level was not matching with the crowd.
  • 4. Avantika Mohan Instagram, shared a funny incident about why she wanted to become a flight attendant, she was to eat the tray full of chocolate that the flight attendants carry with them.
  • 5. In 2017, Avantika Mohan Instagram, was trapped in depression but she did not take any steps to get out of it, gradually she recovered from it.
  • 6. During the pandemic when she lost her job she started posting lifestyle vlogs and outfits which were praised by her followers.
  • 7. In 2023, she achieved a huge success, she was filmed on the front page of a famous magazine known as Vogue.
  • 8. Avantika Mohan  Instagram birthplace is India, but she has lived in Bhutan for 6 years with her family and currently living in Dubai with her husband and daughter.
  • 9. Avantika Mohan has traveled up to 76 countries till now and her favorite among them is Japan. Japan is the cleanest country which is the reason It attracts people.
  • 10. Avantika Mohan cousins used to call her Bhutani as she lived 6 years there.
Avantika Mohan Instagram
Source: Instagram

Social Media Handles :

Avantika Mohan Instagram–  avantii2

Avantika Mohan Facebook- Avantika Mohan


Avantika Mohan Instagram life has been full of ups and downs but she managed all the situations with power and honesty. She has been a determined and enthusiastic woman who has achieved all the success of life on her own.

From an early age, she has been a working woman, her dream was to be an earning factor for her family so that she can help her parents to live a happy afterlife. She started helping her mother when she was in school, and just after the completion of school starting her earning through a call center. Finally, she got stability in her life when she got a job as a flight attendant but this also got snatched at the time pandemic which made her an entrepreneur.

Frequently Asked Questions About Avantika Mohan Instagram (FAQ’s)

1. How many are Avantika Mohan’s Instagram Followers?

Avantika Mohan’s Instagram had 371k followers, having a certified blue tick in her account. You can easily get her account by typing her name in the Instagram search bar.

2. About the Avantika Mohan Family?

Avantika Mohan has parents, her brother, her husband, and 2 daughters.

3. What is Avantika Mohan’s Husband’s name?

Avantika Mohan husband name is Durjoy Dutta.

4. What does Avantika Mohan’s Husband do?

Avantika Mohan’s husband is an inspiration, he has manufactured several marvelous novels, and exciting television shows and even devoted his work to movies.

5. What is the actual Avantika Mohan Instagram I’d?

Avantika Mohan’s Instagram has a username as avantii2 with a blue tick on the account, by searching this username you can get her actual Instagram ID.

6. When is Avantika Mohan’s Birthday?

Avantika Mohan’s birthday is on the 11th of October. She was born in the year 1985.

7. What is the Avantika Mohan Age?

Avantika Mohan is 39 years old as per the details she was born in the year 1985.

8. In what career options Avantika Mohan Instagram has stepped into?

Avantika Mohan has stepped into multiple jobs first she started selling clothes with her mother in her boutique then moved to Delhi to work in a call center then she got a job as a flight attendant and at last, became a businesswoman and a fashion blogger.

9. What phase made Avantika Mohan Instagram an entrepreneur?

When COVID-19 arrived number of people were losing their jobs, Avantika Mohan’s Instagram survived the 1st wave without any difficulty but when 2nd wave of COVID arrived she lost her job. That was the phase where she again became jobless and started a new job opportunity and hence became an entrepreneur.

10. What is Avantika Mohan’s net worth?

Avantika Mohan’s Instagram net worth is crores.


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