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All aspirants are looking for a good college for MBA but making the right choice often proves to be a difficult task. Aspirants spend a lot of time preparing to ace the CAT exam which makes it difficult for them to focus on choosing the right college for MBA. But it’s necessary to carefully consider all aspects of the colleges before making a decision. In this article we’ve got the details covered for you.


Education sector in India has grown significantly in the last several years and aspirants need not look beyond their hometown to get high quality management education. After you have decided why you want to pursue an MBA degree, the location of the college you chose, the specialisations on offer, the track record in placements opportunities and global exposure are some of the important factors that you should take into account.


Choosing the right specialisation


There is a high demand for MBA graduates in various corporate roles and choosing the right specialisation is a sure shot path to a successful career as a management professional. MBA courses are offered in all major cities of India today and the standard of education is suited to the needs of the global professional market.


If you are looking for a college for MBA in Madhya Pradesh then SAGE University Indore is a great option that you should definitely consider. With a sprawling campus spread over 100 acres of land in the beautiful city of Indore, SAGE Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) is the one of the best colleges to get an MBA degree from.


MBA degrees can be expensive and as an aspirant you should know the Return On Investment (ROI) and choose a specialisation accordingly. In a unique partnership with Sunstone Eduversity, SAGE University offers specialisation in multiple fields allowing you choose the right career specialization without much hassle. With a relatively low course fee, SIMS offers students a good ROI as they embark on a career as a management professional.



Industry Connection and Exposure


You can opt for a dual specialization in the conventional domains of HR, marketing, finance, production and operations, IT, and event management. Or you can also choose from among a number of non-conventional specialisations, such as Business Analytics, Hospital Administration, Agri Business Management, Banking and Finance, etc.


Industry connection and the nature of exposure are two of the most important factors that you should consider next while selecting a college for MBA. Institutes that are well connected to the industry offer students a straightforward path to employment after graduating. So it is crucial that you consider the track record of the institutes in placements and what it offers in terms of exposure, before settling your mind on one.


Sunstone Eduversity offers a 10 day long global immersion MBA programme in one of the three most influential financial hubs of the world – Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia. The students participate in networking events, experience operations of global companies and attend knowledge sessions with industry leaders. This once in a lifetime opportunity offers unprecedented business exposure that can transform your career as well as professional mindset.


When it comes to placements, there is a particular advantage for SIMS students because of the institute’s wide ranging connections in the industry and its location within one of the key economic hubs of central India. The institute is located at Pithampur which is commonly referred to as the “Detroit of India” due to the presence of several commercial and manufacturing units.


Other than offering high quality industry connections the institute is also renowned for its collaboration with other leading colleges for MBA. SIMS is connected to both national as well as international universities and academic groups, which enables students to gain a global exposure during the course itself. As a result graduates of SAGE University Indore become highly competent in navigating career options after completing the course.





The skills you develop and the exposure you receive will depend on the college you chose. It will ultimately affect the job opportunities that you can explore after graduation. In an era of information overload the right choice often eludes you but nonetheless it’s very important that you make an informed choice based on your preferences and aspirations. It will enable you to optimise your skills and explore greater avenues of professional success in the future.









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