Apple's New Privacy Policy
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Apple’s new privacy policy has shook the Facebook and the advertisers as the policy is subjected to cause a multibillion hit. Apple is making significant modifications to its policies related to data tracking in IOS 14 that could considerably affect Facebook advertisers, developers, and publishers. As per the news in stark terms, after the new policy, the advertising will be less effective and businesses are expected to suffer.

Apple IOS 14 Policy Update

Data and privacy usage take midst stage in the recent updates to Apple IOS operating systems. Within each application’s installation, the IOS users will be able to learn about how an application uses its data. Developers will further be required to furnish the details of their privacy policies, the information they seek, and how they intend to employ it.

These updates are more likely harmless if not necessary. However, the Apple’s new policy change is more likely to impact Facebook advertising and marketing.

Facebook speaks up against Apple’s IOS 14 Policy

According to Facebook, Apple’s new privacy policy (IOS 14 privacy policy) will affect small businesses with the feature of App Tracking Transparency. This policy will reportedly comply with businesses to swivel to subscription and other applicable payment systems for revenue.


The Apple’s new privacy policy update is going to impact the ability to deliver ads via Audience Network. Some Facebook users might not see ads anymore while others may see irrelevant ads. This would result in lower CPMs, which implies less revenue for publishers.

This might also result in lower CPMs for the advertisers but it sounds like this change will deliver litter bang for that minimal clam.

Apple’s New Privacy Policy Impact & Concerns

The biggest concern lies with the negative impact the policy update might cause on the advertising strategies including “targeting”.

With a micro-targeting strategy, the advertisers engage audiences based on the quality of visits or pages visited which count on to a successful approach. But what if the volume for these audiences is reduced to half. Additionally, the conversions of audiences will cut out to half and will become less reliable as it will leave out the people who declined to tracking request.

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Apple’s new privacy policy (IOS 14 privacy policy) will lead to a decline in the tracking of people on mobile devices. This will directly impact the conversion tracking, targeting, and optimization along with mobile application ads. A major hit will be experienced by the Audience Network Publishers and the placement might turn out to be less effective. This may even be over to actions performed and location targeting within the Facebook application.

All of these impacts might turn out to be true or drastic, but it is hard to examine the extent to which it will be true. It could turn out to be a small blip or a catastrophic one. And this might affect the entire industry or it may vary from business to business.



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