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So, the board exams are nearby and everyone is panicking and today a student asked me for some advice. Honestly guys, I myself consider these board exams nothing more than bullshit, just too much panicking. My intermediate certificate is still kept in a safe and never get used except during college admission. Nobody asked me how much percentage I got in school during any interview till yet.
But still, these exams hold some value. If you score well, your future will be little easier for sure. And it’s not too hard to crack and score well in CBSE pattern. You just have to follow some rules and tricks and you can fetch high marks very easily and smoothly. The rules are very easy, keep revise, do a lot of written practice and eliminate the distraction during this Month. Now, what are the distractions? I know that you get a lot of freedom these days and nobody bothers you like the whole year. Your guardians leave you alone so that you can concentrate well. But this freedom comes with loads of restlessness and temptations to try something new and pleasing. The internet is one of them. The ultimate mistake most of the guys make that they start watching porn, surfing through their social media account and do a lot of unnecessary bullshit in order to eliminate the boredom of those shitty books which they have studied the whole years. I know my advice is a little bit uncomfortable and odd but I also know that it’s true.
I myself is a porn lover and enjoyed it from my 6th standard. I opened my facebook account in 7th standard. But I used to enjoy them and fullfill my curiosities to know something unknown and never let these things to affect my academics. I used to enjoy these stuff whole year but before the month of exams, I abstain myself from all enjoyment and only focus on where it is necessary get focused i.e. textbooks. That is the reason why scored sufficiently in all exams. But some of my friends could not understand this trick and they are badly thrashed down.
Even my own younger siblings sometimes demand my laptop and phone in order to do some ‘text related research’ but I have confiscated everything and let them be alone with their textbooks. I repeatedly advise them to solve as much sample papers as they can and don’t let the distraction occupy their minds no matter what they are. You can also do some workouts to eliminate the boredom.
So, In one sentence, concentrated where it is needed to be and leave all these bullshit so that your upcoming future will not get harder like your dick.
All the best.


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