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Another harassment case from Jadavpur university, social harassment on peak

KOLKATA: The cases of cybercrime, cyberbullying and chats groups with inappropriate and vulgar comments came in the light when the locker-room chat revelation was brought into public notice. Following this incident, many similar issues are surfacing, the recent one being the Jadavpur university case which involves the use of a google drive being circulated unlike the group chat. Just a day after the arrest of the admin of the Instagram group chat “Bois locker-room”, a 22-year-old woman and a student of Jadavpur university lodged an email complaint.

The complainant alleged unknown men for using and sharing her pictures in a WhatsApp group and making inappropriate comments about her.

“In January, I had received a text message on my Instagram chat from an unknown youth who sent me a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat. The screenshot had a photograph of mine where random men were commenting on my body and were writing about sexually assaulting me. I had asked the youth for the details of the men. He said he was a part of the group but felt bad when he saw my image and thought of warning me. He said some of the men were from my university but didn’t reveal their names,” the woman told in her statement.

As per her, she had ignored the matter at first but the Delhi case got her thinking about it. Later she realized it was necessary to be reported.

Lately, a twitter handle @Aiyoobrows had raised the issue of a google drive comprising of nude and semi-nude pictures and the concern over the access to the drive being circulated among people. Aiyoobrows alleged JU former students behind this.


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