Anisha Dixit Instagram: Anisha Dixit AKA Rikshawali, Know 5 Unknown Facts About her 


Anisha Dixit Instagram: Anisha Dixit AKA Rikshawali, Know 7 Unknown Facts About her

Anisha Dixit AKA Rikshawali is a famous content creator, her content is comprised of comedy and suspense. Anisha Dixit was born on 1 May, 1991, in Germany. She is an Indian-German comedy YouTube vlogger. In this article, we will talk about Anisha Dixit Instagram, Anisha Dixit Age, Anisha Dixit Biography, and some unknown facts about Anisha Dixit Instagram.

Anisha Dixit Instagram
Source: Instagram

Anisha Dixit Education

Anisha Dixit was born and raised in Germany, she spent her childhood there, and she did her height education at the Lee Strasberg Institute in the United States. Anisha Dixit has done diploma in acting, she did her acting studies without her parents’ consideration.

Anisha Dixit’s Family Background

Anisha Dixit belonged to a descent family, spent get childhood in poverty, and did not get much opportunity to pursue her acting career. Her father’s thoughts were not so advanced, he did not want her daughter to work in Bollywood and instead wanted her to pursue business studies.
Anisha Dixit Instagram was born and raised in Germany, she later moved to Mumbai India.

She has Indian as well as German ascent, as her family used to speak Hindi there therefore she knew Indian ascent too, after her studies she moved to Mumbai with her family.

Anisha Dixit’s Instagram had much interest in acting line therefore she started learning acting on her own at the start, but later lied to their parents about her acting classes. She started going to acting classes instead of her business studies classes.

Anisha Dixit Instagram
Source: Instagram

Anisha Dixit Age

Anisha Dixit was born in the year 1991, she was born on 1 may, according to the year 2024 she is 33 years old. She has given her precious 6-7  years in the YouTube line and has earlier practiced a lot in the acting line.

Anisha Dixit’s Physical Appearance: Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color

Anisha Dixit has a bold personality, her height makes her personality look bold. Let us discuss Anisha Dixit Instagram physical appearance in detail

Anisha Dixit Height

Anisha Dixit’s height is above average, her height is approx 5 feet 6 inches, which makes her capable of doing ramp walks. Her height makes her confident, she got many benefits due to her height roles in Punjabi movies, and her modeling line.

Anisha Dixit weight

Anisha Dixit’s weight is 56 kilograms, so she comes under the category. She maintains herself by regularly visiting the gym and performing exercises.

Eye color – hair color

Anisha Dixit has brown eyes color and black hair color, she wears lenses to give a different look to herself but her natural eye color is brown. Her natural hair color is black, she loves to change her look and therefore colors her hair to get a different look but her natural hair color is black.

Anisha Dixit Career

Career Beginning

Anisha Dixit moved to Delhi with the dream of working in Bollywood movies but did not get success in that. After several failed tries in Bollywood, she moved her path and started making funny and interesting videos. She used to post her videos on several social media platforms like Snapchat, and Instagram, majorly on YouTube.

She gave her name to her YouTube channel Rikshawali, to showcase feminism as the majority of rickshaw drivers are men. Her unique name and interesting content attracted the attention of many audiences.

Anisha Dixit Instagram
Source: Instagram

Career Boost

Anisha Dixit Instagram creative and logical content is liked and praised by many, her content is relatable and interesting at the same time. Her content reach started increasing incredibly.

After this she was seen attending YouTube Fan Fest 2018, here are those YouTubers who have immense fan following and fame. She was called and was praised by many.

Later she was seen performing a ramp walk at the Bombay Fashion Walk, 2019. Her career got a boost after all this as this attracted audience attention and even helped in gather fame.

In today’s time, her content varies from comedy to serious videos, has been seen collaborating with other famous YouTubers to increase reach and fame. Her immense growth boosted the morale and hope of many young and new YouTubers. She did not had any godfather in this line, her content made her what she is now.

Why Anisha Dixit is known as Rikshawali? 

Anisha Dixit Instagram when started her YouTuber channel, gave her channel name as Rikshawali. She named her channel Rikshawali because she wanted her channel to he unique and suspicious. Anisha Dixit Instagram main reason behind her channel name was to showcase feminism, she wanted to reach out to people as soon as possible.

After getting fame and recognition she changed the name of her channel from Rikshawali to her original name that is Anisha Dixit. Still, she is famous for her old YouTube channel name, her old channel name is more known than her original name.

Anisha Dixit Relationship Status

Anisha Dixit’s relationship status is married, she is married to Caleb, and her husband’s name is Caleb.  She posts with her husband on Instagram, wishes her husband, and shares caption as the most amazing husband which shows their lovable bond.

Anisha Dixit Instagram
Source: Instagram

Anisha Dixit YouTube

Anisha Dixit runs her own YouTube channel which was early named Rikshawali which she later changed to her original name. She debuted on YouTube in the year 2015. Her debuted YouTube video is How to Go Crazy in Bhopal.
Anisha Dixit YouTube channel has 33 lakh subscribers and has posted content related to situations and conditions. Her posts generally relate to common problems and issues which help her to reach many people.

Anisha Dixit has gained much recognition through YouTube and has started collaborating with big celebrities, and Indian cricketers which is a remarkable achievement. Her success has inspired commoners to work hard and believe in hard work.

Anisha Dixit makes short videos that are published on her YouTube channel, her shorts get lakhs of views and likes. She makes shorts on trending topic which helps her to get more likes, she makes reaction videos on trending topics, and many more.

Anisha Dixit Twitter

Anisha Dixit is active on Twitter, she shares her views and upcoming plans through her Twitter account. She is active on every social media platforms as these are sources of her income, she tries to post her content in every possible place to gather the interest of people, these efforts show her determination and acquisition for fame and success.

Anisha Dixit Instagram

Anisha Dixit Instagram is a source of exposure to her content, she posts content related to viral videos, and she collaborates with famous personalities and brands. Anisha Dixit’s Instagram has 910k followers, her followers consist of youth, many famous YouTubers, famous influencers, and commoners.

Lesser Known Facts About Anisha Dixit Instagram

1. Anisha Dixit lied to her family pretending to learn business studies instead she was going to acting classes as she had a great interest in Bollywood life, she tried a lot to get but did not manage to get success in that line.

2. Barely does someone know that Anisha Dixit Instagram debuted in a Punjabi movie named Punjab Bolda, she debuted in the year 2013, and after that did not get any movies.

3. Anisha Dixit loves to travel, she is fond of kinds of music and loves to sing.

4. Anisha Dixit’s Instagram is not involved in any bad lifestyle habits like drinking, or smoking, she does not consume alcohol and does not even smoke.

5. Anisha Dixit loves to surf the internet in her free time as this gives her topics to make content. While spending time on Instagram she thinks content for the coming videos.

6. Anisha Dixit loves to eat chocolate and she considers herself a chocolate lover. She loves to eat dark chocolate as they are healthy for her health.

7. Anisha Dixit loves her family and loves to spend time with them, she visited her family during the time of COVID-19 when everything was so strict, and her efforts prove how much she loves her family.

Anisha Dixit Instagram
Source: Instagram


Anisha Dixit a famous Indian content creator, makes relatable content that gathers the attention of people. Her videos are full of satisfaction, curiosity, suspense, and thriller. Her videos are loved by every age group, and has 33 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel. Anisha Dixit’s Instagram is a famous term, she post her content there which is loved and shared by many, hand as 910k followers on her Instagram account. Anisha Dixit’s Instagram has a bold and inspiring personality that inspires many young content creators.

Frequently asked questions about Anisha Dixit Instagram

These are some of the frequently searched and asked questions about Anisha Dixit Instagram, let us know about the questions and answers to those questions in detail

1. Why Anisha Dixit is also known as Rikshawali?

Anisha Dixit while traveling to her friend’s house decided to start a journey of YouTube video creation, she moreover did this to showcase feminism. Some also say that she used to travel a lot through riksha therefore she kept her channel name rikshawali. Her unique name made her famous and recognizable by audiences and how it has turned to her personality.

2. What is the relationship status of Anisha Dixit?

Anisha Dixit’s relationship status is married, she is married to Caleb. Her marriage was an extremely searched topic for a while, her marriage was minimal and elegant.

3. What is the age of Anisha Dixit?

Anisha Dixit was born in the year 1991, as of the year 2024 she is 33 years old. She has spent her 10 years in the acting line in the year 2013 she made her debut in a Punjabi film.

4. What is the date of birth of Anisha Dixit?

Anisha Dixit’s date of birth is 1 May 1991. She was born, raised, graduated in Germany, and later shifted to Switzerland for higher education. After the completion of her studies, she shifted to Mumbai to start her Bollywood journey.

5. What is Anisha Dixit Instagram account?

Anisha Dixit Instagram account is named Anisha Dixit and has 900k+ followers nearly 1 million. In some time she will cross 1 million followers on Instagram. Anisha Dixit’s Instagram is a platform where she posts her content and gains attention and praise which she deserves and admires.

6. What is Anisha Dixit’s nationality?

Anisha Dixit’s nationality is Indian, she studied and graduated in Germany but her mother is from India.

7. Why is Anisha called an Indian-german content creator?

Anisha is called Indian-german because she graduated in Germany but later came to India to pursue her career.

8. What is the name of Anisha Dixit’s parents?

Anisha Dixit’s father’s name is Wilhelm, he is the the father of Anisha Dixit who resides in Germany. Anisha Dixit’s mother’s name is Poonam, her mother is an Indian, she later got married to a German guy and started living there.

9. What is the name of Anisha Dixit’s Husband name?

Anisha Dixit’s husband’s name is Caleb, she loves her husband and many times posts photos with her husband on Instagram.

10. What is the name of Anisha Dixit’s YouTube channel?

Anisha Dixit’s YouTube channel name is Anisha Dixit earlier it was named Rikshawali but later she changed it to her original name as she wanted her name to get fame.


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