5 Animated Movies that redefined Digital Entertainment


Animation might be a comparatively new field but it is growing exponentially into our lives. An Animation career opens up endless opportunities for students who end up running the show in fields such as advertising, entertainment, education and even architecture.

Some of the finest scripts that cannot be executed in live action are being modeled into the ones of the best movies or cartoons ever made. We consider a few animated movies that weren’t only interesting scripts, but also redefine our digital viewing experience:

Kung Fu Panda

This movie is probably loved throughout most age groups because of its electric and lighthearted disposition. That’s not all though; the little and unembellished everyday life mannerism are so perfectly crafted in the digital realm, that make it a must watch. With the biggest Hollywood stars giving their voice to the characters such as Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman, the movie lacks no necessities to make it a fine production.

Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama

The epic has been re-written and produced for the TV and theaters so many times that it is quite hard to pick a favorite. Although, there is an animated movie that stands out in all its beautifully sketched characters; Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama. The movie is very subtle remake of the epic as opposed to the unsophisticated productions. The characters are well established and give testament to the real personalities they’re based on.

The Lion King

The Lion King is perhaps the most loved animated movie ever made. There are hardly any people who watch this movie and don’t end up crying. It is also the only movie to come out of Disney productions that is an original script. The tragic death of Mufasa, the lion king and his son’s (Simba) journey to realize his destiny to follow in his father’s footsteps to save his community is a touching tale. The supplementary characters are also well defined that make this movie one of a kind.

How To Train Your Dragon

This is an unconventional story of a community that is troubled by the existence of dragons in their vicinity, where an unusual boy befriends one of the most ferocious dragons. There is no doubt the best animators picked for this movie were graduates from the top animation schools. The colors of the dragons are beautifully constructed along with the Vikings. The 3D is also specifically designed to add to the beauty of the film.


Up is an amazing movie while characters as simple as they can be. Although, the adventures they take are a different matter entirely. The movie plays around symbolisms of life and how a small child helps a very old widower to realize the couple’s dream to visit the Venezuelan rain forests. The movie constitutes animal characters that play an important role and is an example of how one should follow their dreams.


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