Android device management: Securely manage your device fleet


Mobile devices have become an integral part of any business as they offer a great deal of flexibility to employees, increase workforce productivity, and streamline operations for organizations across industries. Several organizations provide mobile devices to their employees for managing their work activities while ensuring the company data is safe and secure. Certain other organizations may allow employees to use their personal devices for work.

Companies allowing employees to use personal devices as work devices have increased the complexity associated with ensuring the security of sensitive data. However, just like every problem has a solution, the threat associated with using personal devices as work devices can be prevented using an MDM solution. Mobile device management or MDM can help your organization monitor, manage and secure company-owned devices and employee-owned devices with ease.


What is Android device management?

Over 80% of mobile devices used worldwide run on Android. It offers several advantages to end-users, such as easy access to a large selection of mobile apps, cost-effectiveness, and more. However, any device can pose a threat to data security, especially if stolen or lost. So, if you are thinking of using Android-based mobile tools for your workforce, then Android Device Management (ADM) solution is your best option for securing and managing Android devices.

Android device management, also known as Android Enterprise MDM, allows your organization’s IT admins to manage and secure Android devices, be it company-issued or personal.

What are the benefits of using an Android management solution?

Some of the benefits Android management solutions offers are as follows:

  • Handle any device: Android device management lets you manage both company-owned devices and employees’ own devices. ADM secures company data in a personal device without risking the user’s privacy.
  • Flexible control: ADM lets you manage your organization’s devices securely. Integration with Android Enterprise MDM provides you with the flexibility to support various enterprise capabilities. Corporate-owned business-only devices and single-use devices, and BYOD or company-owned devices used for personal use have certain organized capabilities such as minimum password requirements for unlocking, the ability to remotely lock and wipe data from a device, preventing users from accessing specific data or apps and so on.
  • Personal device for work: Your organization can allow employees to use their devices for work worry-free! The Android work profile enables you to keep your personal data and apps separate from company data securely. With Android Enterprise MDM, you can switch from your work profile to personal profile with ease.
  • Deployment at scale: Whether it’s manually setting up one single device or multiple devices automatically, Android device management enrollment options work for both big and small organizations.
  • Managed Google Play: Managed Google Play services allows you to configure and distribute any app. IT admins can determine which level of employees can access a particular app, or data, while Google Play Protect scans both public and private apps for malware 24/7.


Android device management is a platter of the best solutions to manage your mobile fleet. You can now set up and secure both devices and data while securely managing Android devices and applications remotely.


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