Anant National University’s Fellowship For Climate Action

Anant National University

Anant National University –The Fellowship for Climate Action today declared openly its membership to MIT Solve, an endeavor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, with a purpose to solve world challenges. The organization will bolster the capacity of Fellows to record the best of global resources and technical know-how to expand innovative solutions to dispute challenges such as climate change, lack of food security, and inadequate shelter.

Solve is a marketplace for public consequence creation. Through accessible invention challenges, Solve finds tremendous tech-based social entrepreneurs all around the world. For specimen, the overdue Solve Challenge in acknowledgment to the COVID 19 pandemic invitations entry to over $1MN of funding, expertise, and other resources. AS a Member of MIT Solve, the Fellowship for Climate Action will benefit tech entrepreneurs from MIT Solve’s entire channel of startups solving challenges arising out of the nexus of food security, shelter, and climate

The Fellows for Climate Action will furnish considerable information to MIT Solve on treatments for climate change, and get the chance to assist as thought leaders in their lawn by acquainting MIT Solve’s future Challenges. MIT Solve has 110 members globally, which include Nike, eBay, HP, Starbucks, Bill, and Melinda Gates Foundation, CISCO, Save the Children. The Fellowship for Climate Action will be the first Indian commodity to be a member of MIT Solve. Membership to MIT Solve is on an ‘invite-only’ purpose.

The Union for Climate Action is a common program based in India for climate change solutionaries. All fellows will work closely with an instructor, chosen from a prominent board of mentors from the world over, such as Laurence Tubiana (CEO of the European Climate Foundation), Adam Werbach (CEO Yerdle), Chetan Maini (founder of Reva), Arunabha Ghosh (founder-CEO of CEEW), Gireesh Shrimali (Stanford University), Amer Vohra (partner, ValueWorks, Zurich), Mustafa Mokass (founder-CEO Beya Capital), Anoop Ratnakar Rao (CEO of ReLife and ex-founder of Naandi), Sabine Huebner (Head of the Basel Climate Science & Ancient History Lab). People with a powerful track record of executing remedies for climate change or have contagious skills can apply for the Fellowship before 15 May 2020.

“We are incredibly delighted to be a member of MIT Solve. MIT Solve is an amazing platform that offers the cross-pollination of treatments found across the world to the world’s tremendous challenges. This membership facilitates the solutions offered by the Fellows of Climate Action to be budgeted with the rest of the world. The Fellowship for Climate Action struggles on the nexus between food security, shelter, and climate change. And so, it will be a great proficiency chance as our boundaries improve to learning and sharing what other solutionaries in the world have to offer” Remarked by Dr. Miniya Chatterji, Director of the Fellowship for Climate Action and CEO Sustain Labs.

Likely fellows curious to know more may investigate the Fellowship for Climate Action by visiting

The last date to apply is 15 May 2020.

~Gunjan Dhingra



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