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Reena Lahot is working in one of the hostels of Delhi University for 17 years. She is promoted to an upper position of a housekeeper in 17 years. She gets 18000 as her salary. She lives with her old mother who is her only family. That is why she is the only earner at home until now.

Due to COVID-19, many workers are directly fired with their termination letters in hostels of Delhi University. Amongst them, Reema and two other workers who not only worked as an employee but also allotted flats as hostel and college authority have lost their jobs. They have got their termination letter and are now homeless as well.

A concerned Reema tells News18 that she has no other place or home that she can move to with her mom. Furthermore, presently with coronavirus, how are they expected to discover dwelling and get new jobs?

The pandemic has caused incredible employment misfortune across India and the world. What’s more, one of the most exceedingly terrible hit gatherings of laborers among them has been staff and safai karamcharis (disinfection laborers) at educational organizations. Constrained shut because of the pandemic and online instruction turning into the new standard, a few instructive organizations have begun ending its non- permanent staff.

This is where the root of the case was, Reema realized. Prakash was one of the workers who lost his job in August. Reema said that they have been demanding permanent employment for years. But the people working in the hostel work on a contract basis, which means they can fire them anytime.

The Ambedkar Ganguly Student’s House for Women residents and DU students have released a presser featuring the unseemly end of 16 representatives including cooks, transport drivers, cleaners, monitors, and safai karamcharis that worked in the hostel premises. The end came after a choice taken by the lodging’s overseeing council, even as instructive establishments stay shut due to the coronavirus lockdown.



As indicated by a student inhabitant of the lodging who has not been named to secure her personality, the inn management including the superintendent have over and again neglected to address the requests and needs of students. Prior in February, students of the inn had required the renunciation of the superintendent after she offered disdainful and misogynist remarks with respect to a student’s presentation on Annual Hostel Night on February 23.

Aside from her tussle with the understudies, lodging workers including safai karamcharis, for example, Bala asserts that superintendent alongside another inn the executive’s specialists likewise rehearsed casteism. 42-year-old Bala who was among the 16 to lose their positions, said that safai karamcharis regularly got no regard from specialists and were treated with no respect.

In view of the pandemic, we were not given any leaves. I live in Sangam Vihar and needed to drive every day by walking to arrive at the inn, says Bala. She claims that sterilization laborers at the inn were not given any veils or gloves, nor was any plan for their movement made.

Presently they have chosen to fire us on a month’s heed. She has three kids and a Rs 5 lakh loan. Her husband is unemployed. In what manner will I make a decent living? explained Bala. She and other safai karamcharis who have been fired moved toward the specialists to arrange their terms of business and even offered to work at a lower compensation until understudies began to return. Be that as it may, without much of any result.

As per Jaiprakash, who worked as a security guard at the hostel, the problem was not as simple. He said that the contractual laborers like us are mostly paid from the currency the hostel earns in the aspect of students’ allowances. Presently in a hostel, there are no pupils, the university requires to step up and furnish us with a substitute.

Due to no job or prospects, the terminated faculty of the Ambedkar Ganguly Student’s House for Women hostel sits outside the hostel management’s office, hoping for redressal. Singh, another security guard, said that he have spent half his life working here. After over a decade of struggling here, I deserve better than a note thanking me for my duties, he said.



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