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Amazon India has declared openly that the company will soon expand the scheme of “Packaging Free shipping (PFS)” for multiple cities. 

PFS is an endurable packaging solution in which buyers’ products are shipped in their actual packaging without any extra packaging or considerably curtailed packaging, it said in an assertion.

Your purchased product may soon start to come in the actual as the e-retailer seems to cut down the residue generated by plastic materials in the structure of plastic cover, cardboard sheet, plastic wraps, and so on. 

Amazon India has decided to lessen the packaging garbage in its supply chain under the project of the packaging-free shipping endeavor in over 100 Indian cities. Amazon has come with the ambition in India and about 40% of the orders which get shipped from Amazon’s culmination centers are now packed excluding different layers of packaging. While commodities like liquids, soft and fragile items, and skincare products still need more protection during transportation, the company has commenced shipping tech appliances, home, and home modification products, shoes, luggage, and other articles without different packaging. 

“PFS is a direction. In this method, the goods are shipped in their normal packaging without including any other packaging system,” the corporation told.

 However, the proposal was rolled out in June previous year in 9 metropolis areas and the company has now gauged the operations to over 100 cities throughout the country with PFS, Amazon carriers numerous customer placed orders in reusable apparatus during a home delivery. 

Earlier, Amazon had also declared openly that it will shift to biodegradable packaging material such as paper fillers instead of bubble wraps under its sustainability project, that will help nature. 

Amazon uses productive technologies to agree on which products can go without additional packaging which relies on terms like the region of the customer, time is taken by the order to travel, and the type of product ordered. 

“To cope up with Amazon’s enormous and promptly widening selection, Amazon uses machine understanding algorithms to adjust packaging safety expecting on the product and transportation conditions,” it contended.

Amazon creator Jeff Bezos has been voiced about climate change issues and during his stay, he restated his attention in conserving the environment. Amazon had also earlier decided to eradicate plastic method usage till the end of June 2020. 

 Also, Amazon has confirmed to lease 12 additional 767-300 converted cargo aircraft, boosting their line to over 80 airplanes as part of its attached air cargo system to help people who depend on items they need to be transmitted directly to their home in these unusual times.

The company leased the converted cargo airliner from the Air Transport Services Group (ATSG that will join Amazon’s prevailing fleet of 70 aircraft.

One of the recent aircraft joined Amazon’s air cargo undertakings in May 2020, with the continuing 11 to be delivered in 2021.

The collective experience in the industry and access to a fleet of 767 cargo aircraft make us an excellent partner to benefit the growth of Amazon Air’s fleet, the company told Wednesday. 




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