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In view of the increasing cases and the situation arising out of Corona infection, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) has sent a proposal to promote about 2 lakh students. In this, some formulas for promoting students have also been suggested. Although the final decision will be ruled by this.

There are about 2.25 lakh students in engineering, management, pharmacy, and architecture in 750 university-affiliated colleges in UP. The UGC and AICTE had given consent to promote the first, second, and third-year students at the local level due to the situation in Corona.

In this sequence, AKTU was conducting the examination of the students of the final year. In recent times, due to the increase in the corona cases several big universities have changed to the quarantine or isolation center so there was a problem in making the examination center.

Seeing this, the university has sent a proposal to promote. Although the VC Prof. Vinay Kumar Pathak said that a proposal to promote has been sent, but we are also ready for the exam. Everything will depend on the decision of the union.

A formula of 70-30

The AKTU proposal also has a formula 70-30. Accordingly, the average of the number obtained in the previous semester will be calculated on the basis of 70 numbers. At the same time, 30 numbers will be from Internal assessment. In this, the number received from the college will be given full. The two will be combined to form a CGPA or grade. The university has also sent other formulas.

Although AKTU has sent a proposal to promote the students, according to the university, the formulas prepared do not seem to benefit the students of carry-over. Their number is about 20 to 25 thousand. This is the reason that out of 2.25 lakh, a proposal has been sent to promote 2 lakh students. According to the university administration, whenever the situation is normal and the college is fully open, students of the carry-over examination will be conducted. Without this, it would not be good to promote them.

AKTU will be able to use this formula along with the university, Harcourt Butler Technician. But due to the current situation, it does not seem right to make an examination center and to call students for examination

Students are also constantly demanding not to conduct examinations and promote in view of corona infection. In view of this, this proposal has been prepared.

Final year students will also get a chance

If the preparations made by the university, the students will not suffer any harm. The university will promote the students on the prescribed formula. Even then, if any final year students do not agree and want to take the exam then the university will give him a chance. But this opportunity will be given to him in the next session and if he passes, he will be given a degree in this session. He will have to wait about a year just for this.

AKTU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Vinay Kumar Pathak says that cases of corona infection have steadily increased. Students and colleges are very concerned about this. In view of this, after talks with the Vice-Chancellors of the HBTU-MMTU, a proposal to promote the students has been sent. There is still uncertainty about the exam.

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