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Presently, students continuing BTech at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal will get explicit admission to Ph.D. at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi under the current affiliation between the two institutes. Earlier this year, IIT-Delhi extended a similar alliance with NIT-Agartala.

Admirable B.Tech students of  NIT-Warangal will be furnished an opportunity to carry out part of their studies comprising project work at IIT-Delhi. They will then be given direct admission to the Ph.D. without the need to prepare GATE or any other national-level examination. Beneath this scheme, NIT students who have a CGPA of 8 at the end of their sixth semester will be capable to apply for a project in summer and finalize their fourth year at IIT-Delhi, and then be deemed for the first admission to the Ph.D. programs at IIT-Delhi.

The IIT said in an official statement that it was envisaged that this technique will also help NITW students o strengthen their chances of equipping for the PMRF union for a Ph.D. at IIT-Delhi. The NIT and IIT have approved an MoU in this respect.

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During the end of NIT students in IIT-Delhi as trekking students, the IIT claims it will not be arresting any academic fee since these students will be spending their regular academic fees in their parent group. The students will also be given either on-campus or off-campus hostel lodging during the one-year period on paid purpose.

Further, the two institutes will also exchange B.Tech, M.Tech students, study scholars, and faculty under the collaboration. Faculty from both the organizations will also collaborate in joint research in disciplines of common interest.

Students under the exchange program will be categorized as special exchange students and will be authorized to take courses on credit or audit, as well as participate in research training, internships, or project work. The staff of NIT can also apply for suitable roles at IIT-Delhi. The nomination and choice of students will be open throughout the academic year.





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