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Delhi University has plans to replace the B.El.Ed course with the Centre’s Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP). However, several academics and students oppose this and said it will lead to dilution of set standards to prepare school teachers.

The University of Delhi is the only institution to offer this integrated four-year course- Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.). But now it is in the process of scraping it from the offered programs. 

Further, the Student Group Students’ Federation of India(SFI) claimed that this replacement of such a good program is illegal as well as academically irrational. It said, “The University should answer why it is replacing the B.El.Ed course with ITEP.

For the upcoming academic year, three colleges will introduce the Centre’s four-year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP).

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Workshop on Value Addition Courses organised by Delhi University

Three colleges of Delhi University will adopt the Centre’s four-year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) for the upcoming academic year. However, a section of teachers and students alike has opposed the scrapping of the course.

Moreover, a section of teachers alleged that after a long time, DU released the vacancies of around 50 in education faculty teaching the B.El.Ed. However, the introduction of ITEP will affect the ad-hoc and faculty teaching in substantive posts for years. 

Besides, the SFI claimed that ITEP will offer only a year of professional training after three years of general education. In such a way, it violates the laws protecting universities’ freedom to create their own curriculum.

Delhi University recommends dropping the word “Hindu” from the titles of two chapters





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