Aashna Shroff Net Worth: Inspirational Journey of a Style Icon and 10 Amazing Facts About Her

Aashna Shroff, an adored fashion influencer, is known for her immense styling tips. She is an Indian YouTuber, entrepreneur, and style artist. She engages her followers by sharing her lifestyle vlogs, beauty tips, and travel vlogs. Aashna Shroff Net Worth depends upon various factors like sponsorship advertisements, YouTube vlogs, and Instagram posts.

Aashna Shroff Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Aashna Shroff Net Worth has been an inspiration to all, as she had a very rough start but now she has become an Indian most loved fashion vlogger.

Early Life, Lifestyle, and Intrest


Aashna  Shroff’s Education has many aspects, she has numerous degree in different fields, and she has done several courses as her mother used to do her so, her mother helped her choose her career. She had invested her time in different courses to find out her interests. let’s have a look at the degrees she has gone through

Primary education – her primary education was performed in Mumbai, completed her 10th grade in Mumbai.

Higher education – her higher studies were completed at Mumbai itself college named Mithibai.

Interior designer course – when her higher studies were going on she grew interested in interior designing, so she pursued an interior designer course.

Teaching course– she had worked as a teacher in a play school for around 2 years and had a degree in preschool education which she had done on an online basis.

Fashion designer course– she had an interest in fashion from the beginning, and she had invested her time in the fashion designer course to have complete command of it.

Photography course – she has done a photography course, which is helping in her current earning source.


Aashna Shroff’s Mother got divorced when she was not even born. She used to live with her grandparents and her aunt, they took care of her and nurtured her in all possible ways they could.

Aashna was shy in her early days, she never thought that she would be able to socialize herself or run a business of her own.

Early Interest 

Aashna Shroff had an interest in fashion from her initial days, while she was pursuing her interior design degree she started posting her OTTD which means outfit of the day. She loves to express herself through her clothes and styles.

Aashna Shroff Family: Mother, Father


Aashna Shroff’s Mother, Kiran Shiyam, the most encouraging part of her career, played a significant role. Her mother was her inspiration, she wanted to fulfill her mother’s desires which made her serious about her future and goals.


Aashna Shroff Net Worth
Source: Instagram


Aashna Shroff managed to survive her life without the help of her father, her mother was a divorcee. Father’s role had not been seen in the journey of Aashna Shroff Net Worth.

Personal Information: Birthday, Age, Favorite

Aashna Shroff Birthday

Aashna Shroff was born on 4 August 1993. She was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Aashna Shroff Age

Aashna Shroff is 31 years old now, she was born of year 1993. At the of age 20, she started her career and had made a lot till the age of 31.

Aashna Shroff Favourite

Food – a favorite food of Aashna Shroff is french fries, which she enjoys a lot while having them.

Brands–  the reason behind her fashion game on being point is her brand selection, she has some Indian favorites including Loreal and her international favourite is Gucci.

Aashna Shroff Net Worth: Journey from Middle Class to a Crorepati 

Aashna Shroff is the first fashion Instagram Crorepati, her interview went viral and she disclosed her journey from a middle-class girl to India’s first Instagram Crorepati. Aashna Shroff Net Worth plays an important role in other influencers career as she is an inspiration to them.

Initial step in Aashna Shroff Net Worth

In an interview, she stated that she started blogging as a hobby, as she was influenced by fashion, and she had never thought of achieving this much height.

She started earning through a Facebook online store, she used to export items from China and sell them through Facebook. Later, she started posting her pictures, which people loved a lot, and started encouraging her to start her blog.
With the people’s demand, she started making blogs, when she was pursuing her interior designer degree.

She used to post “OTTD”  Which is an outfit of the day. Earlier she was not sure about this career step but she worked so hard for almost 5 years and now she is a well-known fashion artist.

First income of Aashna Shroff Net Worth

After one year of her blogging journey, she had a paid collaboration with an Indian circus, for which she got 5000 rupees. She started doing photoshoots for brands, paid collaboration and paid Instagram posts.

Present Status of Aashna Shroff Net Worth 

After the hard work of almost 5 years, she makes 8-10 lakhs per month just from her blogs. She added that this is a freelancer job, sometimes the bar goes up and sometimes down, but the least amount that gets only from her blogs is 8-10 lakhs per month.

She said that she had never imagined getting this much paid for her hobby. She added that she is living dreams of her life now.

Aashna Shroff Mother:An Important Inspiring Aspect For Her Sucess


In an interview, Aashan Shroff Net Worth disclosed her initial family situation, she credited her family situation, which made her strong enough to do so.

Aashna Shroff’s Mother is a divorcee, she started to manage her life with a bank balance of O. She used to take care of 4 others excluding Aashna Shroff, which is not an easy task. Her mother used to be out of the house to earn, there was a time when they had only 1500 her their bank for the entire family.

Aashna Shroff Net Worth
Souce: Instagram

Ashna Shroff’s Mother raised her independently. Aashna Shroff is a single-parent child, which made a huge impact on her life as she has seen her mother doing hard work to feed the family members. Seeing her mother handling every situation with calmness and perfection, made her enough strong to tackle the problems.

Aashna Shroff Net Worth added that whatever she is it is because of her mother, now whatever she earns she gives it to her mother. She wants her mother to take the joy of running the family.

Aashna Shroff Instagram

Aashna Shroff Instagram, a famous fashion blogger, has 1 million followers on Instagram. Ashna Shroff Net Worth followers gather a group of famous influencers. Her feed is full of amazing vlogs, collaboration posts, and videos that define her hard work and success. Her Instagram highlight consists of brands with whom she has collaborated.

Aashna Shroff Net worth

Aashna Shroff  Net Worth is in greater number of digits now, she earns from different sources, like blogs, collaborations, photoshoots, etc.

1. Blog– Ashna Shroff Net Worth, the income she generates from blogging is a minimum of 8-10 lakhs. She signed up for only those brands with whom she can connect.

2. Photoshoot– Aashna Shroff Net Worth, the amount she gets for being signed for one brand is in 5 to 6 digits. In one day, she does for 4-5 brands.

Aashna Shroff Net Worth
Source: Instagram

Aashna Shroff Net Worth Strength: Key of Her Success

Aashna Shroff Net Worth Strength is her stubborn nature. Even when things were not going as expected, her mother told her to leave this blogging line and focus on her online store but she stood for her dreams. When others used to ask her for other options, she stayed on her path and gradually she reached heights that no one could.

Relationship Status: Aashna Shroff and Armaan Malik

In 2017, Armaan Malik, a popular international singer, disclosed his love life during the recording of the song “Tere Mere“. They met when they both were outside of India.

Before 2020, they kept their relationship private, they used to travel alone but do share photographs on their social media. After 2020, they started sharing their photographs and commenting on each other posts like backbone, baby, etc which confirmed the rumors bout their relationship.

Aashna Shroff Net Worth
Source: Instagram

On 28 August 2023, Armaan Malik socially proposed Aashna Shroff. Armaan proposed to her in a very romantic and filmy way, he proposed to her with his new album release. Their fans were amazed by the dreamy proposal and appreciated them.

There is news, that they are going to marry soon but there is no confirmed news about it, they can get married this year, as they have been found selecting their wedding dress. Armaan in an interview said that they are planning to have a simple and classy wedding as they have to manage their career along with this.

About Aashna Shroff Net Worth in Her Own Words

Here are some of the random facts about Aashna Shroff’s Net Worth, in her own words.


1. Aashna used to live with her mother and her aunt, her aunt is a Down syndrome child, and she is 5 years older than her mother. As her aunt was not well, she used to take off her aunty which grew responsibility in her.

2. Aashna added that she loves Bollywood, loves romantic movies of Bollywood, and wants to live a love life just like those romantic movies.

3. When she was 1 year old, she accidentally cut her wrist and has marks of them till now.

4. Aashna Shroff Net Worth, she had been a play school teacher, used to work as n teacher there for 2 years. She had a degree in early education, then she moved to her interior designing course.

5. Aashna Shroff is a vegetarian, earlier she used to eat non veg. At the age of 3, she decided not to harm someone just for taste so she left nonveg.

6. Aashna Shroff’s Mother, was a model and now is a producer. Aashna did modeling in her childhood with her mother but she was shy and took time even to smile for a photoshoot.

7. Aashna Shroff belongs to a Sindhi family, but she doesn’t understand that, she is rather fluent in English, and Hindi and had learned French in her childhood days.

8. Aashna credited Disney and Bollywood for her styling techniques. While watching those movies she grew interested in fashion and style, as she used to image herself in place of heroines.

9.  About her nature, she added that she is an introverted person, and feels uncomfortable expressing herself in front of a huge group. She finds it difficult to initiate a conversation on her own.

10. Aashna Shroff is a coffee addict, she cannot start her day without a cup of coffee. Earlier she used to have a lot of soft drinks but then she switched to coffee.

Aashna Shroff Success: 5000 to 37 crores

Aashna Shroff Net Worth is around 37 crores, the journey she depicts from 5000 to 37 crores is remarkable. Her success can be seen through her brands with which she is collaborating now, she started her collaboration journey with an Indian brand which paid her 5000, and now she collaborates with international brands for which she charges lakhs.

Aashna Shroff has collaborated with the most celebrated brands in India like Manish Malhotra, TarunTahiliani, etc. Moreover, she has a list of international brands like Hermes, Dior, etc.

Aashna Shroff Net Worth
Source: Instagram

New Beginning: Apartment of Ashana Shroff and Armaan Malik

Aashna Shroff and Armaan Malik took a new apartment for their coming days. As the news is getting viral over some time they are going to get married soon. The apartment tour is given by Aashna Shroff in her vlogs but she has not disclosed the proper area. It has been estimated that after marriage Aashnaa Shroff and Armaan Malik will stay there.

Aashna Shroff’s YouTube channel 

Aashna Shroff’s YouTube channel is full of fascinating content like GRWM (get ready with me), fashion tips and tricks, makeup tutorials, lifestyle, etc. She posts videos of her outfits which consist of Diwali outfits, Rakhi outfits, etc.

Aashna Shroff’s Social Media Handles

Instagram – @aashna shroff
Youtube –  asana shroff
Facebook – Aashna Shroff
Twitter – Aashna Shroff


Aashna Shroff has been hardworking and determined from her start, she invested her time in several courses to find her interest in interior designing, teaching, and many more. After years, at the age of 20, she finally found the correct path to make her career, she started blogging in demand of people and gradually grew interested in that. She started her blogging journey with 5000 thousand as her first income and now she has a net worth of 37 crores. She is living the dream life of an influencer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Ashna Shroff’s Net Worth

1. What is Aashna Shroff Net Worth?

According to the facts and results, the estimated Ashna Shroff Net Worth is around 37 crores.

2. What is Aashna Shroff’s Age? 


In 2024, Ashna Shroff, 31, started her career at the age of 20. She was born in 1993.

3. When is Aashna Shroff’s Birthday? 

Aashna Shroff’s Birthday is one of the most searched questions about her, she was born back then on 4 August 1993.

4. What is the name of Aashna Shroff’s Mother? 

Aashna Shroff’s Mother’s name is  Kiran Shiyam, an Indian womanThe role of her mother is remarkable in Aashna’s journey, her mother inspired and encouraged her in every step of her life.

5. Who is Ashna Shroff’s Husband?

Aashna Shroff is not married yet but she is engaged to a famous international singer Armaan Malik. They are planning to get married soon but we are not aware of the dates but it is estimated that they will get married soon.

6. What is the relationship between Ashna Shroff and Armaan Malik?

Aashna Shroff and Armaan Malik have been in a relationship from the year 2019 but at that time they preferred it to be private. Now, they are engaged and share the news with their fans through their social media platforms.

7. Who is Aashna Shroff’s Sibling? 

Aashna Shroff’s Mother got divorced when Ashna was just born or she was about to be born. Aashna Shroff is a single child, does not have any siblings, and has grown up with single parenting.

8. What is Aashna shroff’s Instagram Id? 

Aashna Shroff’s Instagram is a certified account with a blue tick, named Aashna Shroff. Her account has 1 million followers, she is being followed by many celebrities as well.

9.Is Aashna shroff sister of Tiger shroff? 

No, there is no connection between them, it is rumored news. Aashna Shroff is a single child in her family and does not have any siblings.

10. Is there any family relations between Jacky Shroff and Aashna Shroff?

No, they only have the same surnames and nothing else, there is no relation between both of the families.

11. When did Aashna Shroff and Armaan Malik get engaged?

Aashna Shroff and Armaan Malik got engaged on 28 August 2023. Armaan proposed to her with the release of his new album song. They shared their engagement post on their social media. Their proposal pictures went viral, people were amazed due to the filmy vibe.

12. Is Aashna Shroff’s Net Worth In Millions? 

Yes, Aashna Shroff’s Net Worth is in the Millions. She earns pretty much high from several different recourses. She manages her family which includes her grandparents, and her aunt.

13. What factors Contribute to Ashna Shroff’s Net Worth?

Aashna Shroff’s Net Worth compromises her blogging revenue, her YouTube channel, her collaborations with companies, and paid advertisement shoots.

14. Is Aashna Shroff in Bollywood?

Till now she has not been in Bollywood, but it is expected that she will be in it. As her fiance is a famous Bollywood singer so there is a chance for her to debut in Bollywood or lead roles in song albums.

15. What work does Aashna Shroff Mother do? 

Her mother used to take care of the family after when she got divorced. She has a background in modeling, and acting and has even worked in some scenes of movies.


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