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First of all, hearty congratulations! You all have made your place at Delhi University with the help of your hard work and dedication. We at DU Updates know, that this has been a specifically difficult year for you people.

First of all, many of you faced so many difficulties while appearing for the board exams. It was such a long and exhausting wait for the results and waiting for the cut-off lists. You guys also have not got a chance yet to see your college campus physically, since most of you are from outside Delhi. The admission process has been specifically taxing for you people. It was also very stressful. But finally, you people have made it to Delhi University.

The initial few days might be a lot for you guys to get used to since you will be beginning the session in the online mode. The unfamiliar faces will be intimidating, along with an entirely new curriculum. But do not worry, everyone faces this anxiety at the onset of their college life. However intimidating may this new phase of life seems, these three years will turn out to be the best years of your life.

We know that these times are difficult for you since we are in the midst of a global pandemic, but the show must go on, right! Therefore, try to adapt to the new system of normal and keep your spirits high.

Here are some tips for you to get through these difficult times:

  • Enjoy your classes- We know that it is difficult to concentrate on online classes. But this is something that you have to get used to. Attend classes at the beginning of the semester. It is very important for you to do so because you people are unaware of the way things happen in college. Your professors will help you in understanding the curriculum.
  • Audition for societies- Auditions are a very exciting part of college life at Delhi University. You can audition for and be a part of as many societies as you want. Since everything is online this year, the societies are conducting online auditions. The societies at Delhi University are extremely good at enhancing your talent and providing you the platform to showcase your talent to the world.
  • Keep a positive attitude- When you meet your class for the first time, it might seem very intimidating. You might think that you do not know anything in comparison to your classmates, but do not get all worked up about it. There will be some people who will know more than you, but you can always work hard and get up to their level. Persistence is the key. Do not let negative thoughts cloud your mind.

We, at DU Updates, wish you guys all the best to excel in this new chapter of your life. Stay positive and upbeat. You all have been successful in making your place in one of the best universities in the country. All of you have earned your place and we know that you will succeed in life.




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