The medical college last year students, who are currently working on COVID duty, put up a letter to the Medical Council of India.

Students from all over the state, who are working diligently to eradicate COVID 19, came together and appealed to the MCI governor to cancel the last semester exams, on the grounds of humanity. 

The students asked to exempt Maharashtra for final year examinations. The state is highly infected by coronavirus and have its patients in huge quantity. That is why the final year students of Maharashtra affiliated medical colleges have urged to cancel the exams. 

As the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) has made the announcements regarding the exams, the students took this action. MUHS has released a schedule with the examination timetable for final-year undergraduates. It is expected that they would soon release the date sheet for post-graduation students as well. 


 In the first letter to the Governor BS Koshyari, chancellor of the universities, the Medical Student Welfare (Maharashtra) has said that if final-year students were not promoted and their practicing degree won’t be provided, they would surely demand to protest. 

The letter says that if the medical system falls, the governor, ministers, councils, and universities will be significantly responsible. 

The resident exam – appearing doctors of Maharashtra have written letter which was signed by more than 500 resident doctors of the state.  In the letter, it was addressed that doctors are reporting for their COVID 19 duties, although their term has been completed. This was done because they know the need of the hour. 

 “In the prevailing situation, the declaration of exams despite knowing the condition of growing patients in the state and increased working hours, hit as really surprised us and developed an environment of restlessness, anxiety, and tension”, the letter says. 

It also claims about the ambivalence. The actions of Chief Minister Udhav Thackrey has dismissed all the examinations, keeping the view of a catastrophic condition in the state. But, the governor has announced to execute all the remaining exams after 15 July, shattering mental peace.

The letter also stated how many universities around the world have postponed or canceled the exam held in the medical fields amid the pandemic. 

“The competence of doctors is directly being assessed in their role in the recent problem, and various internal examinations and our own faculty can testify for it deeming the course of our occupancies. Are examinations the current too significant to be held?”, it asserted. 

On this basis, we appeal to you on the basis of humanity to cancel the exams and allow all the doctors to work on the frontlines and battle without any obstacle and pressure noted in the letter.

Approximately 3000 students of final year medical courses are likely to sit for the examination this year. 

A doctor said that about more than 100 doctors have been already infected by this deadly virus. With tremendous pressure and undefined working hours, they are expecting us to appear for the exams, which is totally insane. For the coronavirus positive people, their examination leave will go in recovery. Also, we have seen the reality and don’t want to leave it.



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