Deshdroh This is called pure facism. You are stopping someone to express him/herself. If this is Deshdroh then I am fucking Deshrohi from the time I born. I HATE THE HYPOCRITIC PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. India as country is not bad. But some idiots thinks that this land is their Baap ka Maal. This kinda feudalism is what stopping us and pulling us behind. How we gonna say that there is unity in diversity if you even can’t respect and tolerate the opinions of your rivals or opponents.

The essence of democracy lies in agreeing with the disagreement. But some of the recent incident took place in Delhi university showed that how facism and feudalism took over the peaceful environment of university. Students are fighting with each other for no reason. I bet that many of them doesn’t even know the true meaning of ‘Bharat Mata’. According to J.L. Nehru, the first prime minister of India, ”Bharat is not the soil, land, mountains or buildings that is present around us but Bharat means the people of India, the citizen of India.” , he said while giving speech to an assembly in a village(Discovery of India). But nowadays, our self-interest become bigger than the interest of nations. Most of us are not even thinking that whether our insensitive acts are beneficial for this country or not. This is highly shameful for comparatively more educated youths of this country. We should stop and think for a moment that while committing any mischief, who will be benefited, will it gonna help they poor tramp who is begging on the side of the road, will it helpful for that farmer who is about to commit suicide? We ourselves will get the answer. Self-introspection is highly advisable for modern youth. Only we are the pillars and future of this country. Only we can make India a super power.


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