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Since the Indian government banned the TikTok app, many people have been looking for the best TikTok alternatives. The TikTok app was one of the 49 apps banned by the Indian government after the Indo-China face-off at Galwan valley. TikTok was a famous social media app, but since its banning, people have been disheartened. But they do not know that there are other apps like TikTok available in the market.

TikTok was essentially a social media and video editing app that gives you a platform to shoot and share your videos with the world. This app was used by most users to showcase their talents in dancing, singing, acting, and comedy.

There are so many best TikTok alternatives available in the market. Alternatives to each and everything is available in the current age of the Internet. It should not be surprising that the TikTok experience has been trying to be replicated by companies like Facebook.

Here is a list of 9 best TikTok alternatives which are available on both Android and iOS:


best TikTok alternatives

Like is an exact alternative available of the TikTok and the users are highly impressed by this. The Like app is available on both iOS and Android. The Like app has been rebranded to the new Likee app. There are more than 100 million people who have already tried the app. The app is filled with features like face-swapping, special effects, music video filters, stickers, collage options, beauty filters, and a lot more.

This app becomes a must-try since you are given the lip synchronization facility with this app. This is unbelievable since this is the real thing used for the synchronization of audio and video of what you are going to publish. This app also provides more personalization than TikTok.

The editing feature and magic effect of the LIKE app are making users love it since it gives a really unique experience. Several short videos can be stitched together to make a single long clip. Further effects like speed up or slow motion can be added to the video according to your own preference. But the only issue you might face in the app is that you will not be allowed to go live if you are a new user. For this, there is a leveling system. Like app is one of the best TikTok alternatives available.

To download the Likee app, click here.


best TikTok alternatives

Vigo Video is giving some serious competition to TikTok. The Vigo Video brings the funny video-making facility at its best. This feature is getting appreciated highly by all the fans of TikTok from all over the world. On the Vigo Video app, short video making is really good, and it also provides special choices to users of certain categories. Well, this can be done in the best manner only in a couple of seconds.

There are endless filters on the app, like beauty filters that remove blemishes, evens out skin tone, and make you look much more attractive.

Animated stickers and other special effects can be inserted into your video at the earliest. The Vigo Video also has an amazing feature of making money just like the TikTok app. You will become rich with likes, views, as well as comments, and your video getting viral. Vigo Video is another best TikTok alternatives available.

To download the Vigo Video app, click here.


best TikTok alternatives

Kwai is Japanese for cute. After TikTok, Kwai is trending all over and has become one of the most famous and highly user appreciating. Its notable similarity to TikTok is also adding to its fame. This app is getting high ratings on iOS and Android apps store and the play store of Google.

Just as its name suggests, Kwai is a highly adorable social media that allows its user to shoot cute, short videos where you can lip-sync to your favorite movie dialogues, favorite songs, and so much more. The Kawi app is also based on a reward system. Challenges and fun contests are frequently held by the app to make the users more interactive. By following this app, you can stay up to date with the latest viral trends.

A substantial fact in this app is the 4D motion effect feature. Kwai has everything, right from animation effect, to trimming option. With using Kwai, you can use the special purpose of text font changing, dynamic stickers, as well as stitch footage facility is available. The 48 hours duration of stories makes it another best TikTok alternatives available.

To download the Kwai app, click here.


best TikTok alternatives

Just like TikTok, Dubsmash is very famous all over the world. Dubsmash has been around since the year 2015. Dubsmash allows its users to upload or record videos. It also provides a plethora of soundtracks and songs to sync to. The interface will be very familiar to you as the app enables you to scroll up or down to watch the endless loop of trending content.

In the Explore tab, you will find a ton of genres and topics to browse through, from fitness to cooking to puppies! The best feature of Dubsmash is that its algorithm has been designed to promote the diversity and people of color. This ensures that everyone has a shot at viral status.

The only reason why TikTok got more famous was that it offered more features than Dubsmash did. The lip sync video action feature is also available in Dubsmash, for those who practice it. It can be made more effective to use by adding music, videos, and special sounds.

The Dubsmash app is available on both the Google play store and the iOS app store. Dubsmash has several inbuilt features that make it the best TikTok alternatives available.

To download the Dubsmash app, click here.


best TikTok alternatives

The Cheez app is highly compatible with both the devices of Android as well as iOS. This is the right video-making platform on Android and iOS. The duplicate video clip and merging can be easily done on this Cheez app. You can easily add background score, edit your video on the app, add peppy filters, and more to engage with your user base. However, unlike TikTok, Cheez focuses not only on singing, dancing, and comedy but also on vlogging aspects as well.

Money can be made on this app just like Vigo Video and TikTok. You will get rewarded if you get a certain number of followers and also if you only watch the talented folks. The features of making videos more to integrate originality and the lip-sync facility have been adapted. The description of Cheez unveils that funny dance and video make a realistic experience on Cheez for users and their fans.

You can also challenge other Cheez users to ‘battles’ where each of you can test your talents. The dance-off is another highlight of the app making it the best alternatives of TikTok.

To download the Cheez app, click here.



On the platform of iOS and Android, this is a real music video editor app available. Lomotif was initially launched only for the iOS platform but changes were slowly brought to it and it made its way into the Android platform as well. Most of the iOS users are saying this is apple gadgets only while comparing with its stability other than Android users.

Lomotif is the right choice while searching for apps like TikTok on iOS. Some of the most notable features of crop, trim, text overlays, and all made easier with this. With the help of the Lomotif app, apps like TikTok are getting appreciably easier on iPad and iPhone. In order to hit the mark, use the plethora of stickers, beauty filters, and emojis to attract a fan base. To gain followers on the app and make friends, you should showcase your talent on the app.

In order to create videos with a wider reach, you should also collaborate with wider friends. The Birthday and New Year are interesting features of the Lomotif. Your social media presence is increased, and your profile is boosted when you create a video on these occasions.

To download the lomotif app, click here.



There is no other app that has benefitted more from the TikTok fiasco than the Triller app. In the last few weeks, the userbase of Triller has grown by 20 times. There are, now, about 250 million Triller users globally. Livestreaming services have been added to the Triller app with its acquisition of an app called Halogen.

Exclusive deals like the upcoming Roy Jones Jr. versus Mike Tyson boxing match has been secured by the Triller app. The app is also in partnership with the likes of Cardi B, Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart, and more. The Triller app also automatically edits videos for you.

The cool performance made with the Triller app is really appreciated by the Android and iOS users. Just like its name, the app is providing a thrilling experience similar to what users have been experiencing on TikTok. A long-duration video is compatible with this such as friend reunions, film shoots, and many more. A unique and thrilling style will be an effect providing on WhatsApp and Instagram while you upload your story after creating with this app.

To download the Triller app, click here.



If you wish to earn money just like on TikTok, then Funimate is the app for you. The slow-motion effect with lip sync will be astoundingly simple. Video editing on Funimate and trimming action will be more interesting and realistic like other apps. A unique experience of daily challenges in the app, which in turn will make you happy with new followers is provided by Funimate.

Another common trend in Funimate is loop-trend. To get more followers and a better online presence, collaborate with other users. Participate in contests, challenges, and special events to make things more interesting and to stand out.

Funimate is yet to become saturated with too many people as it is relatively new in the market. Having a big following could further catapult your social media fame in case it becomes mainstream. However, until then, Funimate is the best TikTok alternatives app.

To download the Funimate app, click here.



You cannot make a long duration video with Firework like Funimate. This app provides its users with an unreal experience for short video making. It makes a good reach as it has got a community to interact with the other users to find better attention. Firework is compatible with both Android and iOS. Along with all this, you can also share your gleaming video experience with your friends.

Firework will your go-to place if you want to do something unique and escape herd mentality. Unlike TikTok, the focus of firework is on the quality of videos rather than the number of followers. Therefore, you can become a sensation with the right clip and content. Edit, trim, add background score, crop, and many more things with the help of amazing in-app editing tools available.

When making videos on Firework, it is crucial to follow the latest trends. You could win cash prizes if you played your cards just right. Users are further encouraged to interact with the app regularly by organizing weekly video challenges with a mighty reward. Therefore, this can easily become the best TikTok alternatives app for you if you have a unique skill and grasp the pulse of the audience.

To download the Firework app, click here.

The large popularity of TikTok app was seen in 2020, all credits go to the coronavirus induced lockdown. Many people had used the social networking app to create short-form singing, dancing, comedy videos, and lip-syncing as people were stuck at home. The app was banned by the Indian government since many government officials were concerned that phone data was being collected by the China-based company TikTok for the Chinese government.


The app has already been banned in China and now the US is also looking into the app for traces of possible violations of the privacy laws of children.


Therefore, we have provided you with the list of best TikTok alternatives available currently, check them out.





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