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It is fascinating why Delhi University is the most preferred university in India. It is the dream university of many students and attracts around 4 to 5 lakh applicants every year. Delhi University is one of the oldest Indian educational institutes. Also, it is the largest with 63 colleges within it.

In 2021, a total of 4,38,696 candidates have registered for admissions. No doubts, the cut-offs here are as high as 100 percent due to the cut-throat competition to get in. So, the academic excellence as well as the abundance of co-curricular activities and sports makes DU special. Also, in the top 10 list of Indian colleges, most of them are from Delhi University. Hence, the varsity offers enriching knowledge, exposure, and personality development to students from all fields, be it Arts, Commerce, or Science. Here are the top 8 reasons why Delhi University is different from other Universities in India.

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Why Delhi University? Here are the rankings of DU and its colleges:

The ranking is one of the major factors to why Delhi University entices maximum students as well as their parents. Rankings tend to impact the desirability of any college. Also, here in India, the NIRF rankings of colleges and universities are given preference. Thus, in 2021, Delhi University has secured the 8th rank in an overall category by NIRF. Also, as per the Centre for World University Ranking (CWUR), Delhi University secured the top position in India. Under the QS BRICS International rankings, DU is among the top 10 Indian institutions.

When the colleges are best in the sector, any university is considered great. Hence, as for Delhi University colleges, Miranda House has secured Rank 1 in the NIRF ranking for four consecutive years. Also, Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) has secured the 2nd ranking in 2020 and 2021. St. Stephens, Hindu College, and Shri Ram College of Commerce are also on the list of the top 10.

The outstanding campus life is why Delhi University is the dream university of many:

College life does not revolve around academic excellence. Hence, extra curriculum, cultural events, and fun activities are all important to shape a student’s personality. All this is an integral part of campus life, giving some real-life experiences.

Delhi University colleges are more than just the old, red-bricked buildings. Hence, they are always jam-packed with activities like seminars, fests, society activities, ted talks, film screenings, and whatnot. This is what defines college life and students generally crave it. Hence, this is why Delhi University is different from other colleges.

The varsity is divided into two large campuses, i.e. the North and South Campus with several off-campus colleges. Thus, DU is 69 acres big area with greenery, historically beautiful buildings, serene beauty, and lots of youthful gusto.


Also, there are 100s of society running in the varsity and approximately every student is a part of one or two. Thus, college societies are a hub for skill development, proper exposure, personality development, and truckloads of fun. DU has got many accolades for dancing, singing, drama, and more. TEDx and MUNs are organized almost every day here.

Market places and eateries are found in abundance near DU. From Kamla Nagar to Hauz Khas Village, DU students have tons of go-to places for chilling and hang out. Students can hit malls and amazing cafes when their pockets are full, and can even opt for budget-friendly eateries and markets like Sarojini Nagar.

Variety of courses- from language courses to other unconventional ones:

Hands down, DU offers the best in class education in conventional courses like Arts, Commerce, and Science. But, they even offer a variety of unconventional courses that are less heard but have high scope. Thus, people who prefer to shine in such offbeat courses have a great scope.

Hence, such courses include Sports Psychology, Cyber Security Engineering, Gaming and Graphics Engineering, and more. Also, vocational courses like B.Sc Hons in Instrumentation, Diploma in Business Journalism, Degree in Library and Information Sciences, B.Sc. in Physical Education and Health, etc are available. Thus, name a course, and Delhi University got it. Also, being situated in the political capital close to IT hubs, DU has expanded its syllabus to suit contemporary demands and skills. Hence, this is why Delhi University is considered ideal for dynamic, job-oriented students.

College fests are a major reason why Delhi University is preferred by students:

Delhi University is well known for its fest season inundated with fun, enthusiasm, and entertainment. Almost every DU college organizes its own fest between January to March. Hence, all students wait for the winter months to indulge in the saga of glitz and glamour. Also, the insane amount of competitions and performances in these college feats cant be found in any other Indian university. From famous Bollywood celebrities and singers to amazing decor and food, DU fests have it all.

Delhi University guide

Other than the entertainment quotient, students also learn things like management as event organizers, getting sponsorships, volunteering as well as leading in college fests. So, DU college fest season is something no student should ever miss. These fests even got EDM nights where everyone can dance to their fullest. Many colleges even offer rides like Columbus and more along with many foods and shopping stalls.

Why Delhi University? Because the societies here are nowhere to be found:

DU literally has more than 100 societies to offer. Thus, each college has many of them in fields like drama, music, dance, debating, fashion, environment, photography, poetry, art, and a lot more. Certain societies also run for helping the needy like enactus, NSS, etc. Also, there are other sensitizing societies for human rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ, etc. that spread awareness on these matters.

Nukkad Natak in Delhi University

Thus, apart from the professors giving us enriching lectures, students run these societies as platforms for learning and fun. Hence, DU societies provide a solid platform to showcase hidden skills and hone them. Also, they encourage on development of interpersonal skills. Many people claim that DU societies are at par with professional training institutions.

Best education with affordable fees:

Being a government university, Delhi University is relatively cheap. But, it does not compromise on education quality and provides the best quality facilities. Hence, the fees charged here for any course are not harsh on pockets. Students from almost every background can afford it.

The tuition fee here ranges from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 50,000 per annum. The fees in St. Stephens College can go a bit higher but can also go as low as 5000 in few colleges. Thus, students can opt for their colleges as per their financial conditions.

The abundance of facilities is why Delhi University is different:

All the Delhi University colleges have big libraries with plenty of books. Thus, students can easily read books in a peaceful environment there. Sports facilities are also available in colleges like basketball, football, etc.

DU library
Image Source: LBB

Food is important, especially after an endless number of tiring classes. Hence, Delhi University colleges have their own canteens that serve good food at very affordable rates so that all students can have it. Also, some of the DU colleges have their own hostels that give rooms at an affordable rate with all the basic facilities.

Internships and Placement opportunities:

The placements here are good that’s why Delhi University is opted by students. Being a successful university, DU grabs a lot of placements. But, the placement opportunities vary from college to college and also departments. So, the highest packages go upto Rs. 58 lakh per annum and the average ones are around Rs. 4 lakhs per annum. A variety of job roles like Analyst, Associate, and audit associates are available.

The varsity also offers various internship programs to students. Hence, students do participate in such programs to attain real-life industrial experience and also get paid. Sometimes they even get internships in popular firms situated in Delhi.

Why Delhi University? Because it got the most amazing alumni:

A good university is judged by its alumni. It is a fact that DU alumni are found everywhere. From the Bollywood king SRK to the leader of the opposition party, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, all come from DU. Several other actors and producers like Amitabh Bachhan, Manoj Bajpai, Imtiaz Ali, etc are from DU.

Delhi University Bollywood Alumni


Scholars like Amirav Ghosh, Kiran Bedi, Late Sheila Dikshit, Kapil Sibal, and others are alumni of Delhi University. Hence, looking at these shining stars, DU is considered by everyone.



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