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Delhi University is one of the most preferred and prestigious institutes for higher studies. Many students want to be Delhi University student. The University is well acknowledged for its academic excellence and legacy across the country. Moreover, Delhi University(DU) prints itself across the globe for its excellence in academics and commitment to quality education. The University comprises 77 colleges and 86 academic departments for higher studies, with North and South campuses. DU offers a large number of courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, and M.Phil/P.hD. level. Students across the country as well as from other countries take admission to the University every year. However, getting into DU is s difficult part for students.

Being a Delhi University student became in itself a batch for brilliance and achieving better in the future. Delhi University as compared to other Universities in India is somewhat out of the league. DU has established itself as a University of most happening surrounding, holistic approach of development for a student, academic excellence, college life, diversity in the crowd, and much more in a century. DU itself holds a glittered history of what it is today. Some of the colleges of the University hold a tag of being best in a few courses across the country. The institute is listed with several notable alumni of many fields such as politics, acting, sports, academics, athletes, artists, and many more. University had produced Prime Ministers to Nobel Prize awardee and many all-time best from several fields.

Here, we will see the list of 8 things you should never miss if you are a Delhi University student

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Delhi University physical classes
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Delhi University students are from different regions of the country as well as from foreign countries. This makes the crowd of the universities and colleges much diversified. Moreover, the diversified crowd also constitutes of class, religion, language, and ideologies. When a Delhi University student steps into such surroundings, we start getting the impact of it. You can easily find lower class and rural background students sitting together with the son/daughter of a Minister or business tycoon.

Here a Delhi University student should aim to get good from the diversified crowd. As a student, we must focus to acknowledge the diversities, build bridges of trust, and sense of respect. Here, a student can have better and well informed crowed from which we can get to know and learn more. We get to know about a language, region, religion, and much more. A Delhi University develops a sense of better understanding of diversified crowd in any sense. When we develop well in ourselves from the crowd. Then we make ourselves better informed, more understandable, and more tolerant. This helps us to turn up our better side.




Societies of Delhi University, it’s the most important thing to a Delhi University student to make them different from others. Every college of Delhi University has many societies for different areas. Interestingly a Delhi University student will find all kinds of societies as per their interest. Some of the common societies are dance society, drama society, debate society, music society, fashion society, and much more. Moreover, you will find a society of every course in the college. For example, if you are doing economics honors. Then you will get a society of economics in your college. However, every college has a unique name for its society. Such as a college named its dance society MISBA. Besides this, some of the more societies are placement cell, finance, and investment cell, Enactus, and others. You just need to name your area of interest, there will be a society.

A Delhi University gets this much of option to continue with their interest and learn some new virtues. This society’s culture of DU had raised several masters of many fields. A Delhi University student should never miss the experience of societies in the University. This is not just to make you learn and know new things. Most importantly, you will know how to work with a team, how to push your limits, how to lead and manage a team.  Delhi University societies are all managed by the students themselves. Hence, you can think about how important society will be for you. Hence, a Delhi University student must join societies to carve themself in a better form.




Delhi University is also known for its excellence in academics. The University provides the best and updated academics. DU had a much qualified and cooperative faculty. Students experience the best way of teaching-learning in the University. A Delhi University student should also focus on the academics of their college. As you can gather a lot of knowledge of your subjects from many dedicated teachers.

A Delhi University student should never miss the academics of the University. You will find it much helpful for you in the future. Further, you can continue with your interest in studies by knowing and learning the academics. University works so well to provide the best academics. Moreover, you will find that professors are regular with classes and colleges focus much on academics. The best part is that University also provides guest faculty from foreign universities to provide a better standard of academics. University also collab with other major institutes in India as well outside the country to provide quality of education.



Internships are one of the major parts of Delhi University students excelling in their fields. A Delhi University student should never miss an opportunity to have internships. Different colleges placement cell organizes internships of different work profile for their students. Now, these internships are shaped in a form that you can do it together with your college studies. These internships are from several organizations and companies.

A Delhi University student can adapt to the work culture of the corporate world. Moreover, you can learn some of the new skills demanded much for employability. Further, from internships, a student will come to know their area of interest or the best suitable field to continue. Having experience of work and that certificate and letter of experience will boost your resume. All these plus points will make things easier for you to grab a better opportunity. So, a Delhi University student must do at least one internship or two as per their interests.


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After getting into Delhi University`s college, the student explores much of the things in the vicinity. As colleges campuses are vibrant in themselves with an amazing crowd and student-friendly environment. You can find places in your college like a canteen, green lawns to chat with your friends. Moreover, a Delhi University student can also explore the market, cafes, and some other places to hang out.

Now, when we talk of the North campus then you can experience the peculiarities of the nearby market Kamla Nagar. There you will find shops and street shops of every kind. The most visited place among North campus students. Then after students also visits Hudson lane. A dedicated place of cafes and restaurants. It is a must-go place for students to experience the vibrance of the spot and can spend quality time with their friends. Then, Kamla Ridge is near the north campus. Where students have a long walk with buddies surrounded by greenery.


Now, for South campus students most preferred place is Stayaniketan. This place is full of cafes and other shops. If you are in a nearby college then you must have a walk around the place and try some amazing cuisines. For shopping, Sarojini Nagar market and Delhi Haat are other big names in Delhi. Students can visit these places to have a satisfying shopping experience.

Then, from the South campus, you must walk around Hauz Khas village. This place lands in the category of best places in the capital. You will find an urban village charm here. The place has greenery all around broad walkways, big residential complexes, amazing parks, cafes, restaurants, pubs, and picnic spots. Moreover, Hauz Khas fort, deer park, and much more things are in the place. In conclusion, you will always remind the place for the best ambiance in the capital.  A Delhi University student should never miss these places.



Delhi University events

At Delhi University competitions and events are part of the syllabus and daily routines. Every college of DU regularly conducts different competitions and events. You will find that colleges are much focused to bring out the hidden talent of a student. Colleges organize many events and competitions. Such as you will find writing, debating, dancing, singing, painting, public speaking, quiz competitions regular. Moreover, many events are conducted like webinars and seminars on different issues by notable personalities regularly. The best part is that there are inter-college competitions and students also participate from their college to other educational institutes events across the country.

A Delhi University student should never miss a chance to participate in the events. From this, you can know the best part of yours. These events boost the understanding level and make you more informed. From competition, you will find your strength and weakness and can work upon them. Participating in these will make you free from fears like stage fear, camera shyness, weak in public speaking, and others. Hence, Delhi University students must participate in competitions and events.

You can think that different colleges of DU had received the presence of Prime Minister to President. From Bollywood as alumni and guests to University has Amitabh Bacchan to Shahrukh Khan. Besides, this Dalai Lama to several other Ministers and politicians have visited DU as a guest of an event.


At Delhi University you will get an option to do an add-on course. These courses can be done along with the regular college. Here, students can do a course in any foreign language like French, German, Spanish. Apart from it, students can do tourism courses, and skill enhancement course, communication courses. Moreover, these courses are of a shorter period like of one year to two to three months. These courses are offered by almost every college of DU.

So, a Delhi University student should never miss an opportunity to pursue at least one add-on course. This will add a plus point to your educational qualifications.


  1. FESTS


Fests at Delhi University are the best part of the University. DU is incomplete without its astonishing and breathtaking fests. Delhi itself waits for the fest season of Delhi University. When every year fests session arrives students start with coming up with new ideas for glittering colleges. DU is the best educational institute in terms of having fests. Every college of Delhi University holds its fest.

Here, in DU fests and events are solely organized by the college student itself. When you visit a college of DU during the fest season. Then you will find how brilliant minds present themselves with their ideas in decoration and events. Colleges are decorated with abstract paintings, pictures, designs, and many other things. You will find drink and food stalls, game events, dance, cultural programs, dance, music events, and much more things.

Then, it comes to celebrity performance programs and concerts. Here, DU is best than other institutes. As you will easily find stars to superstars of several fields performing in DU colleges. Some of the most famous fests names are Mecca of Hindu college, Crossroads of Shri ram College of Commerce, Tarang of Lady Shri Ram college, Nexus of Shrivenkateshwara college, and many others.

As singers like Darshan Raval, Jubin Nautiyal, Armaan Malik, Raftaar, Manindar Buttar, Sukhwinder Singh, Kailash Kher, Shankar Mahadevan, Badshah, Atif Aslam, Kanika Kapoor, Papon, Guru Randhawa, and many others have performed in DU colleges during fests season in recent times.

As an actor’s also DU has a long list of Visitors. Some of them are Urvashi Rautela, Varun Dhawan, Yami Gautam, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Akshay Kumar. You just need to name the personality, he must have been to DU. Knowing all these things a Delhi University student will never miss the fests.



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