Table of Contents

1. Experience the Fests

Fests create an atmosphere of excitement in the people and at least once, everyone needs to attend these to experience the fun.



2. Explore

Delhi in itself is a huge city, and every part of it has something to offer. Bunk a few classes, explore with your friends, and make memories.


3. Improve your CV

Since you’re getting closer and closer to getting a job, it’s time you start working on your CV. Don’t hesitate to look for internships or courses that will have a good impact on your CV.


4. Satisfy the Foodie in you

Since Delhi offers a large variety of food, I say, you try it all. Starting from what your campus lanes offer, even if you end up traveling long distances for your favorite food joints, we won’t be judging you.

5. Join Societies

Societies are a way of making college fun. They help you connect with people and also develop as a person. So if you’ve always wanted to experience something, now is the time.

6. Be Independent

Coming just from school, the freedom may feel great. But what is important is to be responsible as well as free. Nevertheless, it’s time you become independent and stop relying on your parents as much as you can.


7. Connect with your Friends

Don’t forget these are people who are going to be a part of the person that you’re going to become. Connect with your friends; know who they really are, what their dreams and passions are and who they want to be.

8. Pull an All Nighter

Nothing compares to the fun that you have during a night stay. It’s a must before you graduate.

By- Pragya Achantani (Maitreyi College)


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