‘Internships’ is a way to get experience of working in industry related to your field or subjects while continuing your higher education. Internship helps you to convert your academic knowledge to industry skills. In your summer holidays, you can do some internship that will not just look good on mentioning in your resume but will also give you in depth knowledge of your potential careers and will help to expand your horizon.  Following are the ways which can probably help you to get an internship. 

1) From specialized Websites

The most common one can start with is through specialized website that are designed to get internship or job where you can write your details and search for proper internship. Some of them are ‘internship.com’,’ internmatch.com’ or‘internshala.com’. Yet, this is not the best option to find internship because of the spamming disadvantage.


2) Keep an eye on College notice board

Yes, your own college brings out lot of internship offers in college itself.  Be it in field of advertising, content writing, journalism, database management or research projects etc. College is always in requirement of interns who can assist them with basic works and even provide certificate for that. Though the stipend you get is not much there but it surely enhances your skills and acquaints you with the real world working techniques. So, never miss out the offers that your college provides.

3) Grow your network

In the physical world, start using your relatives and their connections in desired companies for internship. They can be even the alumni of your colleges or your professor or even your neighbor who are working in a well esteemed company. Just elevate the conversation by telling your potentials, aims, need of internship and how you can be useful to company. World is a small place you never know who is impressed and helps you!

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4) Social Networking sites

‘LinkedIn’ an increasingly popular way to find internship or employment and is different from other job websites. Here you can have meet the person of desired companies, build a nice profile there similar to your resume and write all the necessary details of your experience. If you find your desired company there then contact the HR of the company or email your current connection to get an introduction with them. Similarly ‘Glass door’ is one to help you there for getting internship. ‘Facebook’ is another social networking site where most of startups have started advertising for internship. So, have a sharp eye on such advertisements.

5) Keep researching

Now when you know in which field you want to do internship and which companies provide that internship. Start researching about the company as much as you can, get their updates, know what product they sell? Where they are lacking? What are their needs? This might not help a lot but will create the base of your next steps.


6) Shout out yourself 

  Since you have done a lot of research over few companies but they are not providing internship then approach them yourself. Ask for a meeting or internship and be ready with the reason why they should hire you. This is called “cold calling”. You can easily find their email on their websites or you can do so by going on their career online page of their website.

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7) Internship at start-ups

Start-ups are always willing to accept interns in their initial days and even approaching them is easy. They can be paid or unpaid. A lot of students ignore unpaid internship as ‘working for free’ seems wasting your endeavors over a small startup but they overlook the positive point of getting real life experience. Students who participate in such internship stand out from the crowd . So, never neglect internship at startups.

By Anushikha Chaudhary


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