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Delhi University girls are the perfect bunch of everything desirable. They are the actual trend creators, for all the ladies around the country in the arenas like educations, fashions and things.

We all have these pretty ladies as our friends. Tag the type of girls you know in comment section below.


Everyone must be familiar with friendzone, but some girls in Delhi University created something more horrible than that called ‘Bro-zone’. The frequent use of ‘bhai’ word in a conversation, sometimes gives ‘boys’ the tough feeling, specially  when they share some romantic equation.


Almost in every gang, there is a fashion president, who is always prepared with their verdict on your fashion intelligence, with their perfect knowledge of style and brands. Nevertheless, they are the solitary saviors of all our fashion catastrophes.


You can easily find this band of modern feminism, all around the university. Not getting into any kind of conversation in contrast to their views will always be a better idea because you never know, which of your simple dialog will considered as an offense against women and that’s too with an absolute logic.

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Okay, so everybody hates this bunch, with some sincere reasons. They are obviously the ones who gets all the attention during the exams but sadly, there is no guarantee on getting a positive relapse every time.


It’s quite uneasy to adjust with this, if you are not from Delhi University. But it’s completely relatable for the gangs because in almost every gang, there is a lady with evil idiom, who can’t complete a line without an abusive gap.



The reason why college canteen is jam packed. You really can’t critic on one’s shape and size to get conclusion on the diet. They are the one, who finds the love with their food.



Of course, this can’t be held for some certain honeys but some got special love for it. Girls are easy with every shopping tactics from clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, books to everything. No matter, it’s from any shopping mall or some road side lane markets, these ladies are too good to go.

Niharika Sonkar


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