Table of Contents

1. Look for Internships

Summer is the time to build up your CV and that is where internships come in.



2. Learn something new

Since most of the year is spent engrossed in books, you can utilize the vacations to chuck the syllabus and the limitations and learn something the books will never be able to teach you.

3.Create your Bucket List

It’s time to plan things out and take the necessary action. Know what you want, write it down and start moving towards it.




If your plan for summer is to sit in bed and sleep all day, you might as well get out and help someone.



5.Contact your long lost friends

Because let’s face it, college is hectic and we lose touch but friends are gems and it’s never too late to contact them back again and catch up on the lost times.



6. Get Inspired

Read self-help books, listen to some ted talks, know people’s inspiring stories, do whatever you can o inspire yourself, so that when the vacations get over you’ve pulled up your socks and are ready to work hard.







It’s important to be creative. Write, paint, draw, sing or dance. Do anything that makes you happy.

By- Pragya Achantani for DU Updates




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