7 Problems Delhi Girls Face Everyday


1. Judgemental aunties spare no one
Short clothes? They’re going to talk. Out with a guy friend? They’re going to talk. Coming home late? They’re going to talk. There is nothing that leaves their sight and they have an opinion about everything.

2. Ladies coach or the general one?
If you don’t know what dilemmas feel like, travel in Delhi Metro with a girl. The choice between aunties in the ladies coach who can hit you anywhere to make space for themselves and uncles in the general one who keep staring you, sure is hard.

3. No greater nightmare than traveling
From DTC buses to metros, everything is overcrowded with men who clearly know no boundaries. Not just that, with Uber and Ola drivers making headlines almost every day, I becomes difficult to travel alone too.

4. No two ways about being out till late
Being out till late is always a big no, not because the families are conservative, but because it isn’t safe.




5. Either you are hot or you are a behn ji, there is no in between
Often judged because of looks, girls in Delhi feel pressured because of the constant need to look presentable.




6. Work v/s Responsibilities
From working in offices in Gurgaon, to traveling all the way back home and cooking dinner for their families, women here often find it difficult and hard to strike a balance between work and responsibilities.

7. Overcrowded Markets
From Sarojini to Lajpat, every market in this city is always crowded. It’s difficult to shop without a constant fear of something getting stolen or lost.
By- Pragya Achantani


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