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Traveling through DTC buses in Delhi is another experience in itself. For a DTC commuter patience, activeness, determination and little hard work is essentially required that you will come to know by reading the following things. So, let’s recap some of the great and weird experiences that you might have gone through while traveling in a DTC bus in Delhi.

1) Battle of getting inside

Getting inside in a DTC bus in no less than a battle. Pushing the stinking crowd to get your place just to stand properly is a struggle that daily commuters will know better. Sometime the driver doesn’t even bother to stop at the bus stop due to already jammed bus which is in urgent need to pour out first.

2) Buying the ticket is your responsibility

Conductor of DTC bus will seldom come to you for giving ticket so don’t be sluggish about it ,you need to walk yourself to them and buy a ticket. Remember it is not a chance to forget about buying a ticket because it can lead you to a bigger problem if you got caught. For saving some pennies you may end up losing hundreds as fine and the embarrassment you will gain as prize is another thing.

3) Gossips of old uncles

You may meet some of the people especially old uncles with their protruding balloon belly talking about politics. ‘Who may win election or who may lose ‘is one of their favorite topics as if they only keep exit polls. If you are a daily commuter then you might have listen dialogues like “sab Rajneeti hai bahishaab …dekhna kuch mahino mei fir ghaatbandhan ho jayega” (All this is politics…. Just see how these political parties will collaborate again after some months). If this do not suffice them will reach to business men like ‘Tata’ & ’Ambani’  in their gossips.

4) Guard your pocket

If you ever felt your pocket lighter than usual traveling in a DTC bus then you need to panic because on a serious note you are the victim of pic pocket. But don’t hyper too much first check yourself properly and then you can noise about. If you start yelling first and after checking the whole bus your expensive phone or wallet  are found with yourself only then you know what kind of comments are going to rain on you. In a nut shell, always have eye on your pocket because of this common scenario in DTC bus in Delhi.

5) Sitting next to conductor

Since conductor is well known to all the routes of any area. Sitting beside them is a golden opportunity for you . You can ask them about places, routes and buses. If you are new in Delhi, they will certainly acknowledge you the things that are on their fingertips. But yes don’t bother them unnecessarily.

6) Seat is next to heaven

So now after the struggles and wars you perfectly managed to get a seat in DTC bus then find yourself lucky today because it doesn’t happen normally.  When you know how hard it is to step inside already stuffed bus then you should know what getting a seat means here for daily commuters.


7) Never wait for more than 30 minutes

 The top rule of daily commuters in DTC bus is never to wait more than 30 minutes. In summers, waiting for DTC bus means unnecessarily wrenching in scorching heat and moreover running late to your office, school and college. May be you get adjusted to it but better take an auto rickshaw and run for your destination.

By Anushikha Chaudhary



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