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Restrictions of school on each and every thing annoyed most of us and that’s why we were crazy for heading out of this prison and move to a happening place i.e. college. Everyone fantasize their own mini world in college while in school. Not sure how much dreams come true but certainly there are freedom that we can never get in our school life.

1. No daily homework

Unlike schools there is no homework given, not checked next day and no complaint goes at home through diary. In college few assignments are given with deadline and too students copy from each other.


2. No morning alarm

Gone are the days when you need to set alarm for school. In college you can enter and leave anytime you wish. Until you want to attend early lecture of 9 a.m. for understanding topic as hardly college lectures get repeated.

3. Cell Phones

Remember in school you always want to take your cell phone with you for show off or safety purpose and kept it hidden from school staff but now you can, no one will confiscate it. Though you have to keep it on silent while in class otherwise you will be thrown out of class.

4. Freedom to speak

Did you ever protest in school for any stupid rule that school staff forcibly implemented on you ? Like hike in fee? Never? You can protest for things or unnecessary rules that are forcibly implemented on students in college and make authorized persons to revise such rules.

5. Bunk whenever you like

Unlike school rules where you have to submit application for taking a leave or where school send message to parents about your absence . Here, in college no one miss your presence. Teachers never bother whether you attend their lecture or not. Though here, you need to be sure to have minimum required attendance.

6. No fix schedule

College set schedule of lectures for you but you have freedom to change it whenever you feel. You have choice to go for college or to go for party. Not like school where you are allotted a desk and you have to spend four or five hours with you partner on that desk and there is no escape from it.

7. No uniform

Now you don’t need to wear those boring uniforms. In college you can wear whatever you desire be it mini skirt or jeans and no one can raise any objection , the authority is in your hand.

8. Parties

The best thing about college is parties. You are counted as adult and have right to party. In college you can go for parties anytime , even in night . Unlike school life where you have to ask you parent ten times before leaving.

     By- Anushikha Chaudhary 


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