Umar Khalid is a student of JNU. He was charged with sedition for organizing an event to commemorate Afzal Guru’s death at JNU campus, against the conviction of Parliament attack, by the honorable Supreme court. Khalid got the audience, after Delhi Police filed a notice against him and others activists, for organizing the event and abolishing nation’s poise.

  1. Umar is doing his PhD from JNU, Centre for Historical Studies. He also did his Masters in History and M.Phil from JNU. He has been doing field work in Jharkhand.
  1. He is also a former student of University of Delhi. He obtained his Graduation Degree in History from Kirori Mal College.
  1. Khalid’s father Syed Qasim Ilyas was a one of the founder member of an organization named SIMI (Student Islamic Movement of India), which was banned due to its separatist and radical activities in 2001.
  1. He is 28-year-old,a day-scholar student resides in Jamia Nagar, who hails from Maharashtra. He was the leader of Democratic Student’s Union (DSU) and resigned from his post in November 2015.
  1. Conferring, to the report, based on interaction with JNU students, Umar Khalid is a communist and self-proclaimed atheist but not an Islamist. The anti-Indian slogans which were raised at JNU campus, includes “bharat ke tukde honge, Inshaallah inshaallah’, “PakistanLongLive”.
  1. Khalid is a main accused for organizing, an event to commemorate Afzal Guru’s death anniversary in JNU campus. According, to the sources, Umar and his group have planned to hold such events in almost 18 universities, across the country. However, there is no such confirmation of this report, from his side.

  1. Umar Khalid and nine other students including, the president of JNUSU Kanhaiya Kumar, Anant Prakash Narayan, Ashutosh Kumar, Rama Naga, Anirban Bhattachary were charged with sedition, for raising anti-India slogans on 9th February at JNU campus.

Reporter- Niharika Sonkar


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