6 things only a Zakir Husain College student gets to experience

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Being one off campus college, this place provides you all sort of fun. Well, students often think of how they could have get into one south/north campus colleges but their fate landed them at this place. So be happy and checkout the following list to know the perks of being a ZAKIRIAN.

  • JummaChaat’s “kachalu

There’s this chat corner with a beautiful ambiance where the morning Zakir students enjoy their mouth-watering “chatpati chat”, JUMMA CHAAT. Not every DU college student gets to experience the items available there. There are three items which are served, chol-kulche, fruit-chaatand the most in demandkachalu. An item consisting boiled potatoes smashed mixed with boiled chick peas(chole), lots of spices and then the lemon juice which makes it more spicy and mouth-watering. And all the three items are available at 20/- each.  So, the one who can enter college which makes a great deal to do by the way, can enjoy the chill out sessions at this place.

  • Canteen Area

If ignore the food which is served at the canteen, the sitting area is the most loved places in this college. The environment for chilling, gossiping, taking selfies and some sort of personal time is just can be found here. Even though it’s crowded since students rarely attend their classes but enjoying here, one group or just one person can enjoy their personal space. From playing music on their mini speakers to having fun or enjoyment of the song on earphones, can just happen here. The ambiance is the main thing which makes people to spend their even whole day here. The sitting area is my personal favourite place to be with people and enjoy. The whole sitting area is in open space just half covered with shed which let you enjoy the rain and the sunshine or all sorts of weather.

  • Rock Garden and Lawns

This place isn’t less than the canteen area I must mention. This place let you enjoy the greenery of the campus if you’re a nature lover. You can find this place always happening and with zeal as one student can experience the enthusiasm during the practice sessions of various society people. But it’s not everytime that one just comes around for enjoying the practice sessions or nature, but if you’ve planned to bunk a class, it is a good damn place for concealing yourself from the sight of teachers and few times from your class mates.

  • CP and GANDHI MARKET are the addas for tafribaazi

After enjoying all the free time here in college, one evening student mostly gets to experience their night life at CP. Being at a walking distance from the college, this is the only place to do all sort of fun from enjoying any kind of food to all nigh- out funs sometimes. Not to forget one more place which is the best place to have your junk food and if you’re tired of your lecture sessions to be at with your friends. Sachdeva is the most popular place in the market to eat and enjoy your time. From momosto golgappasall kind of street food can be enjoyed here.

  • Auditorium

Well, the only place after library which have Air conditioners, Salman Gani Hashmi auditorium. Our college’s audi is none less than any other North campus’s college’s audi. The sitting capacity is of around 420 something which makes it a place to have bunking sessions in the name of attending any event held in it.  The inner structure and classy look makes it more attractive and the place to host many events, conferences for DU students. This place has not only witnessed the events but the tantrums of Zakir Husain college (evening)’s principal over the acts performed either by just stopping them right way or just banning the society to perform such things in future. But then also you’ve a great deal of things to be enjoyed here.


  • Ram leela Maidan

Being just opposite and so near to this iconic place, gave us the prestige of witnessing the history making anshansand hartalsof Anna Ha

zare and Arvind Kejriwal. But not just forget the fact that the one of the biggest Ramleela held here only. And which gives the students to enjoy their bunking sessions by attending the fair held in those 10 days  and riding over those huge merry go round wheels. It doesn’t matter if we’re in final year or the freshers, we just need an excuse to enjoy all things happening around our college place.

Zakir husain Delhi College holds a history of about 200 yrs approx., which makes it the oldest and prestigious DU college. The English and Commerce department of evening college are much more known for their faculties and the fests. Though the college is over disciplined regarding few things, we people somehow managed to do what we want to do, protesting is the easy way to get the college for  fulfilling our demands. isn’t it? Few of us know the fact that Zakirhusain Delhi college rejected being the part of North campus of DU just because they thought of  surrounding community  which obviously can’t be convenient enough to travel and our college didn’t want them to lose opportunity that’s why they ended up choosing the current location. So let’s just take a moment and cheers to our college for sacrificing the reputation of being one North campus college and cheers to us who makes it a happening place as well.

By- Garima Tyagi for DU Updates


  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing such beautiful story of ZHC. Here I would like to mention for zakarians there is one more adda for tafribazi is, Delhi 6. This is suberpb area for non-vegetarians. Yeah! two more thing,
    In ZHC there is also a kind of ice cream corner. which is one of the brilliant thing of campus and second thing is there are also AC class rooms like porta cabins. 😀

  2. It is surrounded by cp ,Firoz shah Kotla, delhi 6,Ramleela ground ,delite and golcha cinema,civic centre nd One more thing you left ..NCC department is on the top


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