Society in Delhi University

Society in Delhi University is one of the best convincing reasons to take admission in the topmost university of India. Each affiliated college owns amazing societies and clubs for holistic development. Moreover, it is difficult to resist oneself, not to take part in any.

The University of Delhi does not only focus on academics but extracurricular activities too. It gives the platform to follow one’s passion or interest. Nothing is better than being appreciated for your talents. After all, colleges are not all about books.

Moreover, as the admission season is here and DU aspirants are eagerly waiting for cutoffs. But what after you get admission into your dream college? What is the thing that makes this university different from others? 

Delhi University never fails to maintain a balance between academics and enjoyment. It is the best of both worlds. Your interest in dance, drama, writing, music, debate, or anything will not go in vain. 

There are several interesting societies offered by all campuses of the University. You can decide according to your preference. 

  • Table of Contents

    Dance society

  • Theatre/ Drama society

  • Fashion society

  • Commerce society

  • Environment society

  • Creative writing society

  • Music society 

  • Fine arts society 

  • Photography society

These are only a few instances, there are many other engaging clubs and societies. Moreover, societies do have classifications and focus on specialization.

So, here is the list of benefits why one should go for society in Delhi University:


As I mentioned above, Delhi university is the best of both worlds. Students can attend their classes and later on can work on their passion. Plus, this does not make one bored, but more exciting and fun. 

Society in Delhi University
Source: Hindustan Times

After graduation, this is the only thing that becomes the best memory of life. So, why go home without learning things outside of books? Look for your interested club or society and effectively utilize additional time.

Moreover, society sessions contribute to your learning as well as college memories. With time, you won’t find your college boring and you will hate skipping sessions or college days. Further, it will become a part of your life that adds spice to it.

As a result, you end up fetching more interaction and making new friends due to regular events and competition.


Some students have skills but do not have a platform to showcase them. As I also mentioned, varsity offers several societies such as dance, debate, music, and so on. Society members work to strengthen skills and groom well.  Moreover, these make the spirit alive, active, and sharp.

Top 15 Societies in DU that can bring out Best in You

Students can choose from any of these groups. Consequently, it will give an amazing experience and keep individuals in touch with their young hobbies.

Moreover, societies will train and encourage you to follow your passion. Once you get competent in your skill, you will get everything according to your hard work.

Besides enhancing your talents, societies also incorporate some other important life skills. Such as leadership skills, orator skills, communication, and more. 


After joining societies, students get to know what they are interested in. The exposure will help to identify their passions. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity and platform to work on your skills.

Society in Delhi University
Source: dcac. du. ac. in

Conceptions of giving importance only to certain education make the students clueless. As a result, in peer pressure, most of the students end up choosing disinterested courses. But life never stops giving opportunities at every stage.

The solution is to choose and explore yourself in your college. Further, cultural societies will help to counter the indecisive nature and give you direction.

For a divergent student, it’s easy to maintain a balance between college and society in DU colleges because of lenient attendance criteria. In addition, students can select two or more societies in some colleges, but they should stay attentive in all. 



As we know Delhi University’s fest and events are famous all over India. A huge crowd comes to watch DU fests every year. 

Society in Delhi University
Source: Hindustan Times

What if you are participating or volunteering in it? Isn’t it exciting? Yes, this is truly amazing. Performing in front of a huge crowd will make the individual confident and competitive. Even if you do not get a chance to participate, you may volunteer. This also gives you certain exposure and meet new people.

The society in Delhi University competes at a higher level, which helps in growing positively. Also, during the fest season, all the societies compete in full spirit. This competitiveness develops a challenging nature and also builds confidence.

Besides DU fest, societies also go out of station for several events, and step by step it adds to one’s experience. 

  • Creates Striking Resume/ Cv

The industries and companies search for productive, competitive, and active ones. For this, if you have volunteered or participated in college societies, it works like the cherry on the cake. As a result, your resume or CV will be more effective.

No company looks for those who don’t have anything in the position of responsibility unless they have a staff shortage. Therefore, having intriguing skills on a resume can do a lot for your working life. 


Moreover, talking about the interview, your experience during college societies also improves your personality. As students get more comfortable at the social level. And, your continuous interaction in society and events improves communication skills. Hence, these skills show up during interviews effortlessly. 


It’s not written somewhere that we can’t choose other than academics as a career. There are numerous examples of people who have achieved a lot but are not good at academics. So, if you are well sure about the passion or skills you possess, it will be a better career option. 

Society in Delhi University
Source: Hindustan Times

Do join the interested society at college. Therefore, you will be skilled professionally and make a promising life from it. Because nothing is better than converting passion into a profession.

However, it is full of challenges in front of societal norms. But if your work makes you pleased then no one can resist you. Hence, happiness and a peaceful job matter after your academic life. So, grab all the opportunities offered by the college groups. Those opportunities add to your life experience and who knows it comes as a life changer.

Summing up all this, there are several things to learn which are not taught in classes. Keep exploring college life, and the best way is through society in Delhi University. Societies bring overall development and skills that a person requires after a degree. Lastly, it’s all up to the individual if they want to be a part of any society or not. 



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