Table of Contents

1. Keventers

Originally, started in CP, Keventers has now increased its horizons and can be found even in malls. People mostly know it for the famous shakes, but what is often forgotten is that they serve awesome food too. Stuff Kulcha is one such item that is highly recommended by the people who frequently visit the place.


2. Wenger’s

Serving extremely tasty sandwiches, Wenger’s is a bakery shop located in the A block offering great food at affordable prices. One just can’t enter the shop, and not try the pastries.

3. Burger King


As the name itself suggests, the best they have to offer is the wide range of burgers; but that definitely is not all. Burger King has a large menu and isn’t just limited to the burgers.



4. Saravana Bhavan


Here’s one for the vegans. This pure vegetarian restaurant that offers food at reasonable prices is all you need to know. Specialising in the South Indian food, Sarvana offers anything and everything that you can think about. You name it and they have it.

5. Café Coffee Day

As their tagline rightly says, ‘A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee.’ CCD offers sandwiches, burgers, wraps, doughnuts, brownies and much more.



6. McDonald’s

We all know how reasonable McDonald’s is and how lovely their food is. Undoubtedly, it remains our favourite place where no compromise is made with the quality even when offering food.


By- Pragya Achantani



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