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Graduating from a good institution with good grades may be a key to big companies. But, in the present era, experience in that particular field is equally important. To gain experience and learn more and more skills, every student has a different set of priorities. Some students pursue some long-term professional courses along with graduation. On the other hand, some students prefer to do internships to get experience in the corporate world.

However, there are many students who try to enroll for some short-term certified courses. So, we have discussed the best online courses for economics honors students below. There are many websites and platforms on the internet that provides short term valuable courses. Some are paid and some are for free enrolment.

Coursera is yet another platform or a website that provides entry to these short-term courses. Any student can get some courses related to their field. For instance, students interested in finance can go through financial modeling courses, those interested in online marketing or thinking about carrying forward their business in online mode can learn about digital marketing and e-commerce. So, in the same way, many courses are beneficial for economics honors students.


Therefore, some of the best online courses for Economics Honors students available on Coursera are:

MS Excel: Although this course is preferred for students in the finance sector, economics honors students can also refer to this course. Many companies usually prefer to hire students of commerce background. But some companies observe student’s resumes rather than qualifying courses. So, students of Economics Honors also learn about this short-term course. Excel adds up in the CV and something students of any background with MS Excel knowledge are considered equivalent to commerce students.

On Coursera, if students learn about MS Excel, they have to check a course named, ‘Excel skills in Business’. Students will learn how to use formulas and functions to perform calculations on data. Automate choices and data lookups using functions. They will be able to analyze data and present the results in a user-friendly way. This course will teach them how to create charts and tables that effectively summarize raw data. Moreover, students will be able to create easy-to-use spreadsheets. Validate data, find and correct errors, and create navigation aids for large workbooks.


MS course on Coursera will let students learn about data validation, spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel Macro, Pivot Table, Graphs, Charts, and many more. It is a specialization course it will students will get a certificate after completion. It depends upon person to person in how much time he or she wants to complete this course. But this is one of the best online courses for Economics honors and honors students.


Data Analysis: It refers to cleaning, inspection, and modeling data intending to discover useful information and support decision making. There are many students both from the commerce sector and the one pursuing economics honors who are interested to get into the corporate world as a data analyst. But, is there a way to start preparing for it? Data analysts should have something related to it in their resumes. So, to get hands-on experience in that particular field and to analyze what it exactly means, there are many courses on Coursera that students can look after.

Data Mining and Data Integration are a part of data analysis. It is a vast field divided into different areas and groups. On Coursera, students can find different courses of data analysis and various from the field and interest. There are courses named data analysis and interpretation, IBM data analysis, data analysis with excel, and many more.

Moreover, one of the rulers of the corporate world, PwC, also provides a course on data analysis on Coursera. This course is named Data Analysis and Presentation Skills, the PwD approach. Some courses are for beginners while some are for specialization. So, students get different choices and variety of this course. They will get a certificate of completion after completing the course. Moreover, they can add up in the skills column in the resume to attract recruiters to hire them.


Discussing Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: The PwC approach, is a specialization course, and more than 1,16, 000 students have enrolled for it. It trains the student in skills like data analysis, data visualization, presentation, and many more. 60 percent of students enrolling for this course got a placement based on data analysis and 20 percent of students got a pay increase.


Python: Python is an interpreted, and general-purpose programming language that emphasizes code readability with its notable use of significant whitespace. It can be used for other types of software development. As economics honors student, this course is more palatable and popular for number crunching including machine learning.

There are various courses that Coursera offers for Python. Students of economics honors who are planning to learn data analysis can also go through the course at Coursera named ‘Data Analysis with Python’. They can grab the benefits of both data analysis and python here. There are a variety of python courses available on courses.

A course named Python for Everybody is the most enrolled course with more and 2.3 million students. Maybe that’s why it is one of the best online courses for Economics Honours students. It is a specialization course that beginners usually adopt. It will connect students with fundamental programming structures, networking application programming interfaces, and databases using the programming language.

The other courses available under Python are Google IT Automation with Python, Applied Data Science with Python, Data Science Fundamentals with Python, Python 3 Programming, and many more. These courses differ in specialization and for beginners.

Moreover, there is a crash course on Python on Coursera that Google provides. It would be beneficial for students on Economics Honors to get this certified course in their resumes.



Sustainable Development: Sustainable Development refers to meeting up the goals of the present generation without affecting the lives and needs of the future generation. So, to let human society meet their needs and conserve the environment for the future generation to fulfill their needs, the United Nation released some sustainable development goals. But sustainable development is not a complete package in itself.

There are various kinds of sustainable development like environmental sustainability, economical sustainability, and socio-political sustainability. Because of all the kinds of sustainable development and explaining them in detail, Coursera offers various courses on this topic. Some of the topics on Coursera are The Sustainable Development Goals, Circular Economy: Sustainable Materials Management, Beyond the SDGs, The Age of Sustainable Environment, Strategy and Sustainability, and many more. Coursera provides all these courses for beginners.


Talking about The SDGs, students will learn about the theoretical currents in Sustainability and Development. Moreover, they will be able to understand the 17 Sustainable Development Goals introduced by the United Nations. Students will solve case studies about the three most pressing sustainable development goals. The University of Michigan is providing this course on Coursera and more than 11 thousand students have enrolled for it.

Another course is The Age of Sustainable Development. Columbia University conducts this course and more than 1 lakh students have enrolled for it. Students will gain skills like Urban Planning, Sustainable Energy, and Environmental Protection. Moreover, everybody who will enroll in this course will understand the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development, I.e., economic development.


Economics of Money and Banking: Money and Baking is a part of commerce. But, economics students also analyze its behavior on the economy. So, they learn about economics in money and banking. Coursera provides a specialized course on Economics for Money and Banking. It is a highly enrolled course taken by the students pursuing economics honors.

More than 1 lakh students have applied for this course on Coursera provided by Columbia University. This course will help to begin the process of new economic thinking by updating some traditions of the monetary market. To complete this course, students will have to invest 33 hours. However, 11 percent of students have got a pay increase or promotion, and 30 percent of students have started a new carrier after learning this course. Students will get a certificate after completing this course.

Columbia University has provided this course in modules. These modules include videos as per the weekly schedule. Each module includes 12 to 20 videos. This course will clear concepts related to international money and banking, Banking as a clearing system, banking as a market-making, and many more.



So, these were some of the best online courses for Economics Honors students. There are many other courses as well on Coursera related to other fields. Students can apply for them as per their requirements and gain more skills.




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