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“ALL GIRLS”: 5 Things to relate if you are from a Girls College

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It is commonly believed that if a girl is studying in an all-girls’ college, she is bound to be boring and gossipy in her nature. But contrary to popular beliefs, girls colleges are actually fun and not all girls are bitchy. Here are some other myths about girls’ colleges debunked:

1. It is NOT a walking-talking fashion show

No matter how hard a fact it may be to accept, but there are actually many out there who do not dress up and are perfectly okay with it.



2. Boys – boys everywhere? No, not really.

Despite what anyone may tell you, there’s no such thing as a line of boys outside a girls’ college. It is as normal as any other college, whether you like it or not.


3. We have more to do in life than just Gossip!

No, we don’t just keep gossiping about others. We really do have better things do in life than bitching about others and being gossip mongers.


4. For the thousandth time, No it’s not boring.

Being in a girls’ college doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun. These colleges are not boring at all and we can have all the fun we want in the world.



Kalindi College is an all-women college of Delhi University, KOW ABOUT LIFE IN KALINDI


5. We still know how to talk to men

Just because we are surrounded by girls for three years of our life, doesn’t mean we have lost touch with the world where men and women live together. We still have friends who are guys and we still know how to talk to them.


By- Pragya Achantani (Maitreyi College)



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