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Delhi, the national capital that preserves so much of ancient history. The ancient culture and history, all preserved in the museums in Delhi. While Delhi remains famous for its museums, historical monuments, and Political History. There’s still so much to explore in this wonderful city, where every market has its vibe.


All the streets are vibrantly colorful and famous for something very special and specific. A city that has a mixture of fun, adventures, heritage, classics, and history, all sorts of markets. And the best part is that the Delhi NCR region is filled with these wonderful activities. If you want to be away from crowded places you can even visit these places in NCR.

Everyone, especially the Delhi University students want to explore these hidden treasure places where they can chill and relax with friends. But it also remains a fun and adventurous experience for them. The off-beat activities around Delhi, are just like a hidden treasure as they are located in the corner of the city. And sometimes it might even be in the nearby cities. But traveling with friends to that location, especially in the metro is just another experience you can’t miss.

So here we introduce 5 off-beat fun activities to do around Delhi. If you’re a Delhi University student, these might even help you learn more about the nearby areas around your campus. All of you must try these exciting activities especially with your friends, Family. You can even plan these off-beat activities as a fun Date.


While Dining in a cafe or a restaurant remains a very regular kind of experience. And you might have also been bored of the usual sitting arrangements and stuff. But this will entirely change your regular restaurant-like experience ever before. The restaurant is made to change your experience into somewhat fun and calming. Initially, you might find it weird and scary to have your meal in flying dining.

But, once you would get used to the environment, you would start noticing the fun from the top. It’s a very soothing and a very calm experience after that and you can see the whole city right from the top while eating. You can have your meal with the scenic beauty of the sunset. The fly dining lets you sit calmly and appreciate the unobstructed view and the scenic beauty of the city. Its located at a height of 50 meters above ground, so that you can look into the clear sky and feast on the lavish dishes.

The restaurants have a set of 3-course meals which is served gracefully in the flying dining experience. Each session is for around 1 hour and 30 minutes so that each dinner can get comfortable above the ground. And can easily enjoy the majestic view of the city and the calming sky as well as the sunset. The session can also increase, which depends on your package. But you must pre-book your seats before arriving at the flying dining restaurants.

Location: Fly dining Noida – Gardens Galleria, Noida


Delhi’s winters are truly very extreme and so is their summer. But still even after Delhi’s extreme climates, Delhi wale longings for the snow. And many especially travel to hill stations during the winters for the snow. In the Snow world, Delhi is one of the best spots for you to enjoy the extreme winter climates even during the summer season. In the Snow world, Delhi has the largest indoor in entire Asia.

This science-fiction-based adventurous snow park is located in the DLF Mall of India. The park gives an entire feeling of adventure and fun as this is a very new emerging concept. Where in just a room you can take the experience of any cold winters from the hill stations. You can play with the snow, make a snowman, and can do all sorts of winter activities you are unable to do in Delhi. You can learn ice skating and can learn other ice sports as well in Asia’s largest snow world located in Delhi.

The snow world has entirely replicated a perfect snow ski resort. They have included adventures like ski rides, bobsledding, penguin shows, tubing, toboggan, monorail, ice lounge, ski, and sliding slopes with various gradients.

Snow World Delhi – DLF Mall Of India, Sector 18, Noida


One of the best ways to explore your very own capital. Exploring the city on bicycle, and that too in the early morning will make you love this amazing city. This would be one of the top recommendations for off-beat activities. You might come across many new things in Delhi as well as its surrounding, every time you will explore the city on Bicycle. The majestic buildings, the heritage sites, the traditional art forms, the history, and the architecture. This bicycling activity around Delhi will tell you more about the city than anyone else. During the mornings, when there’s a light breeze in the environment, which will calm your inner soul. This activity remains so much peace and so calm that it might help you channelize your soul. This will help you learn so much about yourself as well as the city. So this would be a must recommendation.

Location: Multiple locations in Delhi


The Kumhar Basti, again one of the most interesting places in Delhi. If you have an interest in the history, art, culture, or the traditions from ancient times. You would love this place and must go check this place out. Kumar is the Hindi translation for Potter and in this whole area resides only the Potter’s community. Who does their needful by creating pots from clay for their living. It’s a small potter’s community working day and night to save their designs and cultures.

While there are in a very few amount but their art depicts their hidden stories. If you’re interested in indigenous craft and want something majestic and unique, you must go and check this community. Where they will teach you their craftsmanship along with their skills, which might help you to be much more peaceful. And you might find this as your new hobby which might beautify your skills in all the art forms. You will find a range of pottery from wall hangings, bird feeders, and all kinds of stuff made by these artistic communities.

Location: Kumhar Basti – Kumhar Wali Gali, Prajapati Colony, Bindapur, Uttam Nagar


Getting clicked or taking Selfies in the Khan market is the most fun activity. As Khan market is one of the famous markets of posh markets in Delhi. The classy and posh market of Delhi is one of the best places. Where you could get yourself clicked for the social media trends. And the best part is you can even find amazing book shops, lifestyle stores, and brand showrooms.

Yet in this hustle-bustle of classy market, there’s a whole new corner for the amazing street art. You might find yourself lost in the market while exploring it. If not, then you might be lost in the cafes and restaurants filling yourself up. But also if you are intrigued and have an interest in art you might wander around the corners of the market.

Location: Khan Market


These were some of the best beats activities to do around Delhi. They might help you bring calmness and inner peace. But it will help you in getting to know your city a little better. These activities will make you a more fun-loving and adventurous person in life. They might help you improve your personality into a daring personality. You should try to be part of as much as activities possible and try to bring out your true hidden self in these activities.


These off-beat adventures might even get more fun if you bring your friends and families along. Not only Delhi but you will get to learn so many new things about its nearby regions as well. Like some of the famous places and markets in Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, etc. So always try to explore yourself with these kinds of off-beat adventurous activities.



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