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Studying at the University of Delhi is no less than an experience of its own. And, in that too if you’re an outstation student. It’s a whole new ride of its own. A whole new journey and a whole new experience. Many a time it might be very tough living in Delhi. And, in another minute it might become one of the best times that you enjoyed with your friends.

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And, to make your life just a little bit easy. We’re back with the new edition of the ‘5 Mobile apps for DU students’. This list includes apps that would help you directly and indirectly while studying at DU.



Mobile apps for Du students

For a student at the University of Delhi, the only and the best way to travel is via Metro. Delhi’s metro is especially known as a commute for DU students. It’s one of the best ways to travel and enjoy. And, it’s available at a quite reasonable rate. The best part about Delhi’s metro is its connectivity to NCR (National Capital Region). This might include some of the most fun places like Noida and Gurugram.
The DMRC app would help you to travel easily and safely. Through the app, you can check out the nearby metro stations to your location. And, best of all your confusion about the different purple, yellow, green lines will all vanish away.
This app is a must if you’re an outstation student but sometimes the Delhi students even get confused on where to change a new metro line. So in this app, if you put your present metro station and where you want to go. This app would give you the steps on where to change the metro. Which is very easy and very convenient.
If you want to make your commute easy without any confusion the best way for that would be to download the DMRC app now. This is  one of the must-have Mobile apps for DU students.




Mobile apps for Du students

This is another must-have app all DU students should have. If you don’t want to miss out on all the fun and activities. This app is where you can find out what all events and activities to take part in. You can find out all the activities in Delhi as well as nearby areas.
There are quite many events going around throughout the year. These might be stand-up comedy shows, Theatrical dramas, Movies, etc.
You can even check events in nearby areas like Noida and Gurugram. This would even help you to plan your day. When you’re bored with the lectures and want to do something interesting with your friends.
And the best part about this app is that you don’t need to stand in long queues. Just for the sake of a ticket, you can purchase the tickets online via the book my show app only.
So to never miss out on the fun and have all the enjoyments with your college friends. And to make the best memories install the Book My Show app.



Mobile apps for Du students

If you want to be multi-talented and you want to show your language skills. This app would help you explore new sides of yourself. As well as your personality, it would help you in your future. If you want to go abroad for a master’s education. This is an ideal app, from this you could learn all the languages. And that too free of cost, you can learn Spanish, German, Hindi and many more languages. It’s one of the best apps to learn a new language without any charges.
The app would consistently help you from writing to even speaking the words with much more fluency. It improves your language skills. If you even want to increase your vocabulary in English you can download the app.
Duo lingo is like a game with which you might even get addicted. But this addiction would help you in your future. If you work consistently with yourself in the app. You can learn the basics of a new language in one month.
If you’re very keen to learn international languages this is the key app for you. Where you can find all sorts of fun activities to increase your language skills.
So, if you’re very keen and interested to learn new languages and acquire new skills. If you’re planning to go abroad for further studies or a job. Download the Duo lingo app. This is the must-have Mobile app for DU students.





Mobile apps for Du students
Delhi’s street food is one of the best and you would find yourself eating a lot more than usual. You cannot resist the food in cafes around all over Delhi. But, the problem arises when this street food starts showing in on your body. You might find yourself getting fat very easily.
And no one wants to lose their good shapes after all we’re still in college. So just to avoid that there’s an app called ‘ healthify me’. This would help you to get into a much better shape.
In this app, you can set your target weight and the app will give you a targetted calories intake in a day, along with some activities. You just need to add the food that you ate. Don’t worry it can even calculate all the Indian food calories.
And would let you know how much you should eat in a meal. We all know that we can’t resist street food at any cost but we can reduce it. To keep yourself healthier.
And we all know that there’s no time left to go to gyms. And in this busy college lifestyle, we need to measure our calories intake. So if you want to get fit and healthy this might be the app for you.
Then Download the Healthify me app. This is one of the must-have Mobile apps for DU students.




While you might find this app a bit humorous and disgusting. This app remains a very practical and quite important part of our lifestyle. This app is quite different and won’t let you kiss out from all the funs.
In the theatres many a time it happens. While watching a film you might find yourself in urgent need of a washroom.
But you don’t want to miss out on all the funs and good scenes in the movies. And you’re confused on should you leave in between for a washroom break.
So here we have one of the most practical apps for you all. Where if you find yourself in such critical conditions and such a confused state. While watching a movie in the theatres than you must download the Runpee app
In this app, you have to select the movie you’re watching and the time it started. And, this app will provide you with time intervals when you can leave to pee. When the storyline is a bit usual and nothing interesting happens during the time you were gone.
The app would even give you the synopsis of the time when you left so that you can catch up very easily with your movie.




These were some of the few apps that DU students must have. Besides these apps, there remains a special mention to few apps like Linkedin, Zomato, and Tinder. These were the must-have mobile apps for DU students.
These are the 5 best apps that can make your life much more convenient and easy as a student of Delhi University.



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