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Has the word ‘fashion’ always excited you? Are you that person in your friend circle who is in line with the fashion trends? Or are you that buddy to whom all your pals turn for fashion advice? If yes, you are the right fit for the fashion industry. Now don’t start imagining yourself working in a boutique store designing dresses and garments for others. You can take this flair for fashion to another level by pursuing a host of careers. Did that get you confused? Hold on. Here’s a list of the most sought-after careers in the fashion industry that you might not have heard of but they are equally lucrative.


Image Consultant: Are you a keen follower of fashion? Do you also possess commendable communication skills? If yes, we have the perfect career option for you, an image consultant. An image consultant is not just about styling someone’s clothes but also about bringing the best version of their personality. It is followed by valuable tips, suggestions about one’s body language, mannerism, and more. In addition to this, an image consultant offers advice considering the client’s physical features and way of life. You


You get an opportunity to interact with a host of people and learn from their personal experiences.


Fashion Technology: Fashion technologists are in constant demand in manufacturing units, and fashion units. But how are they beneficial to them? Unlike designers, fashion technologists focus on producing fabric and cloth material using cost-effective ways of production. However, their job is not confined to that, they ensure that the quality factor is not hampered in the production process. To simply put, fashion technology combines his technological capabilities and creativity in this job. You have the vital task of giving out suggestions to designers as well as fashion brands.


Fashion Journalism: Have a knack for writing and fashion? Fashion Journalism may be your cup of tea. Imagine gaining insights about the fashion world and understanding the show business as an observer. In this digital era, you will find ample opportunities in fashion journalism. Many online platforms are willing to pay you a decent sum of money in exchange for your work.


Fashion Photography: If you have jotted down an appealing story, yet nobody heard of it. It loses its essence. Similarly, fashion photographers narrate a story about your product lint consisting of apparel, accessories, jewelry, and more. If the terms fashion and photography equally fascinate you, get started as a fashion photographer. Fashion photographers work closely with fashion journals and fashion units. They are the ones who introduce the designer’s product line to the world. Generally, these photographers are seen at modeling events and exhibitions, capturing the new collection behind their camera lens. With their imagination and creativity skills, they add a visual appeal to the clothes, accessories, and other designs. There are several Fashion photography courses available in fashion designing Institutes


Accessory Design: Accessories comprise neckpieces, a pair of shoes, scarves, and glares, and whatnot. Donning the right accessory can accentuate your appearance. For those who are not aware of this profession, let me give you a brief about it. An accessory designer puts his/her creative thoughts into designing such accessories. He can commence his own brand of accessories. Alternatively, start working in the garment manufacturing units. The designers can also integrate technological aid in the designing process.


Whether you are choosing to become a fashion designer or a fashion technologist, the first step might not that easy. But do not lose hope and have patience. The fashion industry is not only about glamor and fame, it is about who has the desire to transform passion into something valuable. So, wish you a great stroke of luck. Opt for something that brings the best out of you as an individual and a professional.


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