Best Online Courses For Physics Hons: Physics is the most basic way of learning science, that it can be both fun and a challenge as you get to know the workings of the world around you. Challenge because many concepts in physics are challenging and can put your cognitive tissues under stress.

However, in the world of science and technology pursuing a Physics course upgrades you among others. But the question here is that is only Physics Honors as a UG course is sufficient to have a secure future with a sustainable job? How can they learn new skills that highlight them in a long queue of jobs? Which online course is best to pursue along with the BSC Physics Honors UG course?

However, there are many best online courses for Physics Hons students. These short-term courses will highlight them and will be helpful for them in the future. The best thing about this is that they don’t have to go somewhere and search for these programs. Interested students can learn all of them on online platforms like Coursera. There are ample short certified courses available for candidates nowadays.

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Coursera is an online learning platform that provides certified courses for students from different fields. Coursera provides several courses from history to medical sciences, almost in every field. There are 76 million learners, more than 6,400 campuses, 100+ Fortune 500 companies, businesses, and government associated with courses.

Courses help you to learn a job-relevant skill that one can use today in under two hours through interactive learning guided by a subject matter expert. They provide courses that comprise recorded auto-graded and peer-reviewed video lectures, assignments, and community conversation conferences. You can access everything you want right in your browser and achieve your project confidently with a step-by-step learning.

Now our main objective is to find out some best online courses for Physics Hons. If we talk about Physics then there are some best online courses mentioned below that Physics pursuant must choose to learn new skills. These courses would help students in both ways that are either grab a job or opt for further studies after their graduation.

1. Machine Learning and NLP:

Best online courses for Physics Hons

High demand and fast-emerging technologies in the industry are Machine Learning and NLP. Naturally, if you have domain knowledge and skills in these data science fields, you will be a hot possession for conceivable employers.
The duration of the Machine Learning and NLP Certification course is 6 Months. The course will educate the pivotal ML and NLP theories, comprising Named Entity Recognition, Bag of words, Topic Modelling, and Information Extraction, Hidden Markov Models, and many more related things.
You will be honored by leading industry experts and data science mentors, such as reputed companies such as Zee5, Gramener, Actify, and Pitney Bowes. If you want to oversee an AI-driven technological revolution then this is the adequate employment-oriented short-term course for you.
You will receive different advantage being part of this upgrade certificate short term course. You will just not get a certificate but you will be able to collaborate with peers, or you can meet with them on projects and assignments, engage in one-on-one interactive conversations with coaches, and collect personalized feedback on your headway.

On Coursera, IBM offers this online course named AI Workflow: Machine Learning, Visual Recognition, and NLP. It has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and it is a specialized course. Around 2,210 students have enrolled for the online course at Coursera.

2. Android App Development:

best online courses for Physics Hons
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We are all using many apps on our phones, laptops, or computers. Android is an operating system. It is used in almost all phones and new applications and applications are listed day by day. So basically in this short-term course, you will learn many app developments in android app development activity. If you are one who is interested in these kinds of things, then you have to learn the programming language and some designing parts to give your app a wonderful look.

You must have knowledge of Java and XML if you want to develop an Android app. Various libraries of Android are present there that provide various features and functionality to your app. There is also an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for building Android apps and is named “Android Studio”. Emulators are also provided by this IDE to monitor the output of your code or you can view the output on your phone.

On Coursera, Vanderbilt University offers this online course named android app development. It has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and it is a specialized course. Around 82,848 students have enrolled for the online course at Coursera.

3. Data Science: Statistics and Machine Learning Specialization

best online courses for Physics Hons

To create, model, ingest and distribute interactive data products. This expertise continues and develops on content from data science: foundations using R expertise. This encompasses machine learning, regression models, statistical inference, and the advancement of data products.

This course can be proven as a turning point in your career. In different projects, you can apply the techniques that you have learned through this short-term course. At consummation, beginners will have a portfolio ascertaining their mastery of the substance.

The five courses in this area are very similar courses that garnish the second half of the Data Science Specialization. This domain is illustrated for learners who have already mastered the fundamentals and expect to skip right to the additional advanced courses.

On Coursera, Johns Hopkins University offers this online course named Data Science: Statistics and Machine Learning Specialization. It has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and it is a specialized course. Around 24,598 students have enrolled for the online course at Coursera.

4. Programming Language Courses: 

best online courses for Physics Hons
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We are using different apps and software in our day to day life. We are operating them every minute, whether it is in the office, at home, or anywhere. Therefore, it is not surprising that the need for software engineers is also increasing in India’s digital economy. If you want to join the category of young professionals developing innovative software and applications, you can take program language courses.

Many institutes are offering precise short term courses in software development and programming. You can choose any programming language you are happy with like ASP. Net, C, C ++, Java, Python, or any related language. And soon you will be fit to get a high-paying job efficiently.

On Coursera, the University of Washington offers this online course named Programming Languages. It has attained a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and it is a specialized course. Around 112,792 students have enrolled for the online course at Coursera.

5. Digital Marketing and Communications:

best online courses for Physics Hons
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Today, digital marketing is everywhere and has been taken in such a way that it has influenced the original way of marketing. Everyone wants to save time there and get the best, so everyone is moving towards digital marketing.
For all Digital Marketing candidates, upGrad has developed a detailed course – Certification short term course in Digital Marketing and Communication. Digital marketing job instructed courses are for the individual who wishes to get an edge in digital marketing. There are various course screen topics that are SEM, SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing, Branding, and Marketing Analytics. The Course duration of digital marketing is 6.5 Months. You will create your practical skills by running with more than 20 Digital Marketing tools on 15 case studies and live projects.


It is one of the best short term courses which will help you in various ways. Upon completion of the certification program, you will not only earn MICA alumni dignity, but also analogous certificates, one from MICA and the extra from none other than Facebook. The certification will furnish you with job positions such as Social Media, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Specialist, SEM Manager, and Content Manager.

You will be able to get different jobs after completing the Digital Marketing course such as Digital Marketing Manager, Blogger, Digital Media Specialist, Entrepreneur, Digital Project Manager, SEO Executive/Analyst/Specialist, Marketing Analyst.

On Coursera, IE Business School offers this online course known as Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing. It has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and it is a specialized course. Around 57,855 students have enrolled for the online course at Coursera.

The above-mentioned courses available on courses are some of the best online courses for Physics Hons students. Your skills and efforts will surely help you to build your resume and get a good job with a good package. Moreover, there are several other online platforms from where you can complete your certificate courses. There is some tremendous online platform such as Udemy which offers best online short term courses for almost all the fields. You can prefer any short term course of your interest and pursue it online by spending two hours in a day.




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