Planning to study abroad? Curious about the procedure? Wondering how to make it happen? Pondering resources to assist study abroad participation and development at the foreign institute? Jamboree, a leading institution for test prep and admissions, brings an exclusive opportunity along with its live webinar workshop on Roadmap to Your Dream Business school.

Attend this webinar series “Roadmap to your dream college” that handheld you step by step in achieving your study abroad dream. This webinar series will be held from February 22-25 from 6 to 7 pm every day. It aims to present a clear course for all those Delhi University students who aspire to pursue their MBA or MIM abroad in the next 5 years.

Each webinar session on “Roadmap to your dream college” will cover topics such as facts and university rankings, entry requirements, degree courses available, and much more. Apart from providing attendees with insightful information, the speakers will also be present to respond to the queries of attendees.

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Who all should take part in this webinar workshop by Jamboree?

The webinar series is beneficial for all those who wish to pursue business and management studies abroad in the coming 5 years or even those who are curious enough to know the procedure about how to apply to top B-schools in UK, Canada, US, Australia, Europe, and other countries.

Series of topics to be covered in Webinar Workshop by Jamboree

The webinar series being organized by Jamboree will cover all the topics essential for any MBA aspirant. The event schedule of the online webinar workshop on Roadmap to your Dream College being organized by Jamboree is as follows:

  • Feb 22 – Top MBA programs and how to finance them
  • Feb 23 – GMAT Quant Essentials: Scoring Q49 above is possible
  • Feb 24 – GMAT Verbal Fundamentals: Tips, tricks, and strategies
  • Feb 25 –  How to build your profile for securing admissions to top schools, profile evaluation, and resume shortlisting 4 Days Free MBA WORKSHOP

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Student debts are on the rise all over the world. Reason? Bad decisions are made on the basis of incorrect information. Get your finance facts straight in this webinar where you will learn – how to apply for scholarships and financial aid, how much loan is sufficient for pursuing an MBA in the US, and hidden factors that wreck your ROI calculations.

How will you make sure that the tens of thousands of dollars required for your study abroad dream will not be the cause for your worry? The session will not only provide information about top master’s courses abroad but also the directions to finance them.  Learn about all the top MBA courses for your study abroad dream and how to finance them in the webinar on 22nd Feb 2021.



Know your friends, but know your enemies better! Friend or foe, it pays to know all aspects of GMAT Quant. Join us for eye-opening info on how to think like a GMAT test maker instead of a test taker. Learn key strategies to get a perfect quant score. Yes, Q49 above is possible only if you pay attention! The webinar for GMAT Quant will be conducted on 23rd Feb 2021.

GMAT Verbal Fundamentals: Tips, Tricks, AND Strategies

For 70% of Indian aspirants, GMAT Verbal is the weak point. But like it or not, you have to learn to ace it. If long passages or sentence completion give you cold feet, then join us for free tips, tricks, and strategies to banish your verbal fears forever. The session on 24th Feb 2021 will introduce aspirants with the approach and format for GMAT Verbal Fundamentals.

How to build your profile for securing admissions to top Business Schools

If you are eyeing the top 50 B-schools for pursuing your MBA, well… congratulations, first of all! You already have the 3Ms for it- mood, mettle, and mechanics. All that is left is to align your profile with what your target university looks for in an applicant. Get advice on how to compensate iffy scores with extracurriculars and vice versa, whether work experience matters, the role of internships, and lots more. Make sure to submit your CV as we will shortlist some of the resumes for live profile evaluation by our expert counselors!

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Benefits of participating in this exhilarating workshop by Jamboree

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The question of why to attend this workshop is unlikely to be put up as Jamboree is India’s top institute when it comes to studying abroad. The interactive webinar series by JAMBOREE will have some of the best studies abroad counselors and GMAT faculty who are readied with the latest information about GMAT preparation and admission scene. At the verge, of each webinar session, students will further be provided with an opportunity to ask questions specific to their profile. It does not end here, as the participants will be entitled to a certificate upon successful participation in the webinar series. The webinar series on “Roadmap to your dream college” being organized by Jamboree does not include any fee and is aimed to provide loads of insightful knowledge to the students. The interactive webinar workshop ‘Roadmap to your Dream College’ will comprise the GMAT faculty and best study counselor who are readied with the latest info on GMAT preparation and admissions.

Requirements to take part in Roadmap to your Dream College webinar series

The Roadmap to your Dream College Webinar Series is scheduled to be held over the Zoom platform. Participants will only be required to possess a laptop or a smartphone and headphones to attend the session.

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Click here to join the WhatsApp group for receiving workshop related details. For queries or questions about the webinar, students can WhatsApp@9990456909.




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