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New Delhi: Two Delhi University officials have been assigned by the Delhi high court to ensure that those students who are visually challenged, receive study materials. This is done to make sure that all the blind students receive essential equipment before the Open Book Examination is conducted by the University.

The Court, in a hearing on Friday, stated that exams were essential. Those students who are passing their final semester without giving exams may not be recognized by them to have completed their education, the Bar Council of India has indicated.

The Court said that similar prejudices may arise on a later occasion on the account of the decision taken by professional bodies. Hence, it is felt that those students who are visually impaired and are in the final semester/year/term should be able to participate in the examination process of DU.


As pointed out by the petitioner, National Federation of the Blind, there is non-availability of reading material for the visually challenged students. The court accepted this. It also mentioned NGO Saksham. The NGO can make the reading material available within a week or two’s time. the court has asked DU to look into this.

The petitioner, S K Rungta, who is the general secretary of the federation has said that they will demand from the University that the exams are conducted only a month after the study material is provided to the students.

The concern about the non-availability of suitable scribes where the examination will take place was also raised by Rungta. Rungta mentioned in a letter of suggestion that a list of scribes should be prepared by the University who are proficient in different languages.

This issue was also raised in the court during the hearing. The Court said that the possibility of giving verbal answers should be provided to do away with the need for scribes. This matter should be discussed by the two parties.

The dean of students’ welfare Rajeev Gupta and dean of examination Vinay Gupta has been asked to hold a discussion with the senior counsel for the petitioner before Monday.

Rajeev Gupta said that presently, the discussions are going on. DU will speak on it as soon as possible and they will make their stand clear on the next hearing before the court.




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