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  • Earthquake in Delhi News: 2 crores Delhiites, again struck by an earthquake, hit 3 times within 30 days


  • Earthquake in Delhi News Earthquake tremors was felt at 1.45 am on Sunday afternoon in the country’s capital Delhi. …
  • New Delhi [Sanjeev Gupta]. The tremors were felt in the country’s capital Delhi at 1.45 pm on Sunday afternoon. Earthquake intensity on the Richter scale has been measured at 3.5 magnitudes. At the same time, people came out of their homes as soon as the earthquake struck. Especially the people living in flats are more scared


  • According to the information received, the earthquake struck in Delhi at 1.14 pm and 29 seconds on Sunday afternoon. Its intensity measured 3.5, while its ground depth was 5 kilometers.
  • • After 12 and 13 April, on Sunday (May 10), the epicenter of the earthquake has been on East Delhi.
  • • The epicenter of the April 12 earthquake was 8 kilometers below the ground, while on April 13, the epicenter was only 5 kilometers below.
  • • The center of the Earthquake that came today is only 5 kilometers inside the ground.
  • • Experts believe that if earthquake causes
  • Experts believe that if the epicenter of the earthquake is within 15–20 km of the ground, then the intensity is even higher on the Richter scale. In such a situation, earthquake tremors are felt.
  • Let it be said that this is the second consecutive time that earthquake has hit in Delhi on Sunday. Earlier on April 12, there was an earthquake in Delhi, on that date it was Sunday. Even before that, there was a July 1, 2018 earthquake, that day was also a Sunday.
  • Earlier on 12 and 13 April, Delhi-NCR had earthquake tremors for 2 consecutive days.
  • On April 12, there was an earthquake of 3.5 magnitude.
  • Earthquake tremors were felt on April 13 at 1.26 pm. The epicenter of the earthquake was in Delhi itself. Most people in Delhi-NCR were of the view that the tremors were sharp, however, the earthquake was 3.5 on the Richter scale.
  • Delhi-NCR is sensitive to earthquake



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