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10 Most Used Delhi Slangs You Come Across Everyday | Part 2

10 Most Used Delhi Slangs You Come Across Everyday | Part 2

Ever wonder what is the best part of living in Delhi and what makes it so special and different from other populations of India?  When you start exploring this city,  you will be amazed by their way of expressing love and friendship through the medium of Delhi slang. Besides a lot of other stuff, the capital of India is famous for its slangs. Delhi slangs are a perfect blend of affection and blunt shade of wildness. After blending in its culture and slangs, people usually conclude with these lines “ye dilli h yar dil le kr hi manegi!”

This article has picked some trendy and basic Delhi slangs. Let’s have a look at  Delhi’s one of the proudest creation – its slangs.

  1. Tantey

“Life me bade tantey ho rakhe hai yar ”, This Delhi slang basically means problems and issues happening in life. Every delhite has a lot of ‘tantey’ regardless any situation. Delhi is full of drama , no wonder why this slang is so  frequently used.




  1. Chomu

Chomu refers to someone who is an innocent cum foolish person who doesn’t know how to tackle the worldly conspiracies. Sometimes lingo is also used for skinny as rail people. In short, this Delhi slang means someone who doesn’t fit in fashion.



  1. Bhais ki aakh

Before thinking about this Delhi slang let me tell you don’t take it in the literal sense. ‘Bhais ki aakh’ is an alternative for oh my God for a true delhite. Living in Delhi, you can always find one or the other saying this because this city is full of surprises and shocks!


  1. Oo Bhai

Delhites believe in brotherhood. Brother bond runs in their veins. And also ‘bhai’ is gender neutral here. It’s not a big deal if your delhite girlfriend initiates the conversation saying ‘oo bhai’. This slang is constant in every sentence. One can aptly say: Bhai sirf shabt nhi pyaar h, Delhi ke slangs ka sartaaj hai.



  1. Sutta

A Sutta in defined in Delhi’s slang as a daily nicotine fix that helps them battle anxiety and cope up with traumas. Sutta and chai is the classical pair which is loved by every delhite. It is like a one-stop solution and you can find groups or individuals enjoying “sutta” kicking out stress.




  1. BT

“Yar us bande ne BT dedi” , quite striking sentence for every delhite. When the world started welcoming abbreviated form of words, why should Delhites remain behind? Delhi slang added BT in its vocabulary, stands for a bad trip, meaning when someone or something goes wrong. Special note: don’t try to give delhite a ‘BT’!

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  1. Falana dhamkana

This is another term for blah blah. Delhites are mostly in a hurry and they don’t wish  to explain each and every bit instead they prefer using this slang and end their part. They believe in seedhi baat no bakwas theory!


  1. Dio/lio

What a non-delhite notices here, this is more a kind of convention of delhites and not just a Delhi slang. They have a habit of putting dio/lio on the verge of every sentence. “bhai proxy lgwa dio”, “ye kam kar lio”, this dialect is somehow inherited in their tongue.

  1. Gedi maarna

Let’s roam around when translated in local Delhi slang is what you call gedi maarna. This slang is much used in Punjabi songs as well. When du people have a lot of pending assignments,  projects, and exams on the head, I think that’s more than enough reason for gedi marna, isn’t it? Gedi marna is like cheery on the cake in Delhi’s life.



  1. Kaint

Maybe you don’t find this word outside the state boundaries, but it is considered a typical Delhi slang. The word used to describe someone cool either by their stylish look or by wisdom. Delhi is full of ‘Kaints’. Look around in any metro or in streets, there is no shortage.




Mirza Asadullah once quoted “what is Delhi? She replied: the world is the body and Delhi its life.” One may not be born at this place, like me, but as soon as you started loving Delhi and of course its slangs, you will also feel “Delhi hai dilwalo ki.” May you initially find these slangs a bit awkward but sooner or later they will automatically fall on your tongue. This is the craziness of Delhi slangs.

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Let us know in the comment section which Delhi Slang you use daily.

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