15 Most Used Delhi Slang You Come Across Everyday
Most Used Delhi Slang You Come Across Everyday.

Most used Delhi Slang by Delhities:

“Yeh Dilli hai mere yaar, bas ishq mohabbat Pyaar”. This statement is totally true and who knows it better than us, the delhities. Delhi is just not a city, it is a mixture of Indian culture and traditions. Every community resides here and so their languages. Delhities are famous for their outspoken and loud behavior and Delhi Slang also for their “chat pati si language”. Non-delhite may feel Delhi Slang uncomfortable or offended while in a conversation with a delhite for the very first time.

Bhai bhasad machi hai, vo bhand padi hui yaha, oye chep mat ho and blah blah. I know you delliwala will relate to it.

1. Chep

When someone we don’t like keeps roaming around us and always try to start a conversation in which we are never interested. We call them “chep”, the one who is like a fevicol k jodd.

kya chep hai sala ,ek bhar dhang se baat kya krli chipak hi gaya”.

2. Kya scene hai Aaj ka?

We don’t make plans, we make a scene. Every morning we wake up,  the first text that we send to our friend is, “bhai, scene kya hai aaj ka?” Although the scene is also used by us when there is a fight between two parties “ Bhai, scene ho gaya aaj to”.



3. Chull

When there is something that we want to know eagerly or when we want something desperately. “bhai chull mach rahi hai, ab to pata krna padega”.

4. Pataka

These words need no explanation. They are used as an adjective to describe a girl. Although sometimes we girls to use these word for boys.

vo dekh kya maal jaa raha hai



5. Bhai

This word is always on every delhities’ tongue.  Every girl uses this word frequently.  Some girls end up saying it to their boyfriend. And so many boys end up getting “bhaizone”.   “Bhai, ajeeb natak hai ye to.”

6. Taau, dekh ke chala le

Every Delhi boy can relate to this one. Every time when they roll down their car window in mid of the road, for sure there is a taau outside waiting to get roast.

Arey taau ke kar raha hai , marne ka shauk hai kya?”


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7. Banda / Bandi

Banda is used for boys and bandi is used for girls. Most of the time it is used to refer someone’s gf or bf.  “ Bhai, ye teri bandi hai?”, “banda aaya hua hai uska”.



8. Jugaad

 Delhities are mostly known for their jugaad. Jugaad means setting. When there is no way left to do a thing then we have our own way.

Bhai tension na le, kar lenge koi jugaad”.




9. Chikna

When you boys can call a girl maal or pataka so never mind if they call you “chikna”. If you don’t like being called a chikna so just stop calling them maal and maybe they will stop calling you chikna.



10. BC

No, this is not Before Christ or because. It means something else that I don’t want to write.We dilli wale can never complete a sentence without using this one. Even its get too hard to control our tongue in front of our parents.

BC hai kaha tu?”, “ maine kaha than na BC”.


11. Vella

This term is usually used for the one who has no work to do. Everyone has that one vella friend who is always there to accompany them.

Bhai hum to hamesa se hi velle hi the, tu hi busy tha”, something like this only.


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12. Bhasad

When therecomes a problem, this term is highly used by delhities. It means a problem or trouble.

Abe jaldi aa, bhasad ho gyi hai yaha”, something like this.




13. Totta

Totta is used for hot and sexy girls.  Seriously, boys have so many names for girls.

Bhai puri totta thi vo to”.




14. Bhand

“Bhandhai sala ”. Yes, this word actually sounds very creepy but is actually used for the one who is talli and always high.

Hmesa bhand padi rehti hai.”




15. Oye

If you don’t call your friend oye, then I must say you are not a true delhities. We replace our friends, name with “oye”.

Oye, kaha jaa raha hai?”, “ oye tune kaha that tu kar degi”. Yes, something like this only. We delhi wale are like this only. Our language may sound quite creepy but trust us it’s our way to express our love.
BC bade dil wale hai hum

Let us know in the comment section which Delhi Slang you use daily.


Ekta Yaduvanshi


  1. Well Delhiites use many abusive into their language one of the strongest one is Ma Ki C#**% which I often hear youths speaking while playing cricket in public parks and yes
    One slang is
    G@π. me khujli – it is often used to ask a friend why he’s desperate or what’s the matter
    Example: bhai tujhe kyu ga#. Me khujli ho rhi hai itni ?!


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