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It is really difficult for the viewers to find movies on their phones and other OTT Platforms immediately after they release. To download the latest movies immediately after their release, people search for different pirated sites. 123mkv movies are one of them.

So, watching movies is always one of the best preferences of all generations. There are many blockbuster hits, Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telegu movies. India has a diversity of many states and regions. Moreover, some people have their choices and they love to watch movies in the languages they know. However, people try to find out alternatives to watching newly released movies. Some are busy with their hectic schedules and do not have enough time to go to the theatres to watch movies. Some people love to friend their time with family.


So, they plan to watch movies at home together. Viewers can look for this site on their browser and find their favorable movies. Not only movies, but 123mkv Hindi in also offers web series and other shows. All the movies, beginning from the latest hits and highest paid, all the movies are available on 123mkv movies. Moreover, viewers can find movies in different languages at 123mkv in. 123mkv movie com serve 123mkv Hindi, 123mkv Bollywood, 123mkv South movies, 123mkv Telegu movies, Punjabi, and any other languages. All the series and drama shows are also available in different languages. 123mkv Hindi movies, 123mkv Hollywood, and 123mkv Bollywood, 123mkv south movies are available on its official website. Viewers can go through the 123mkv in and find the movies they downloaded.


Some of the highly watched and 123mkv download movies on 123mkv world are the family man full movie download 123mkv, Sooryavanshi full movie download 720p 123mkv, Veer Zaara full movie download 123mkv, 123mkv Dilwale, Dum Laga Ke Haisha full movie download 123mkv, and many more. There is a different section on the website which is 123mkv 2022. All the movies that were on screen last year are there in 123mkv 2022. 123mkv 2022 includes 123mkv South movies and 123mkv Bengali movies also. 123mkv 2022 includes a chat of blockbuster movies of 2022.


On the other hand, movies released in 2022 were out on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more. But, audience do not have to pay for the subscription of these platforms. They can find the same content on 123mkv 2022. 123mkv 2022 is the most viewed section of the website. Viewers can first type www 123mkv.com movies on the browser. So, they can find a website of 123mkv in on the top of their screen. There are many sections given on www 123 mkv.com movies. Each section includes 123mkv Hindi, 123mkv Bollywood, 123mkv Hollywood, 123mkv South movies, 123mkv Bengali movies, and 123mkv world. Now, let’s review some of the highest played 123mkv movie com at www 123mkv.com movies.


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123mkv hindi Dilwale: So, it was released in 2015, and directed by Rohit Shetty. The movie stars are Shah Rukh Khan, Kriti Senon, Varun Dhawan, and Kajol. It is a story romantic story where two lovers split because of family rivals. Years later, their siblings fell in love with each other. Consequently, giving them another reason for the reunion. People like to watch 123mkv Dilwale at 123mkv in and 123mkv com because the movie is directed by Rohit Shetty, who never fails to impress the audience with its comedy scenes and dialogues. So, the audience can find this movie at www 123mkv movies and 123mkv com. They can download the same under different picture quality. The website offers movies in HD quality as well at 123mkv com.

123mkv movies
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Sooryavanshi full movie download 720p 123mkv com: It is another movie directed by Rohit Shetty, People find comedy and drama in his movies and that’s why they want to watch the movie as soon as it is released. The movie is based upon a terrorist attack in Mumbai where ATS Chief Sooryavanshi regulated this mission of catching 600 kg of RDX. The movie stars are Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Niharica Raizada, and Katrina Kaif. The audience can download Sooryavanshi under 720p at 123mkv movie com. It is a new movie released in theatres and 123mkv.com in 2022. On the other hand, a movie with the familiar name Sooryavansham is one of the highly watched movies by viewers. Set Max showcases this movie every week on its channel. Be it a 90s kid or young youth, nobody is left to watch this movie.

123mkv movies
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Veer Zaara full movie download 123mkv com: Legendary is a small word to explain what this movie is about. It is one of the best works of both Shah Rukh Khan and Preeti Zinta. However, it’s been years since the movie was released. It embarks on true love and considerable dignity wrapped in the name of hope. The movie stars are Shah Rukh Khan and Preeti Zinta and its songs are loved even by young youth.

Veer Zaara is the epitome of purity and true love. Maybe this is the reason why people love to watch this movie over and over again irrespective of the fact that a lot more movies are released every week. But no movie can take its place. The movie stands for Veer, an Indian Pilot, and Zaara, a Pakistani girl. Veer stays in prison in Pakistan for years. On the other hand, Zaara, maintaining the dignity and love of Veer, believe that he is dead. She stays in his village in India and devotes her life to it. 123mkv.com serves this movie in best quality.

123mkv movies
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Dum Laga Ke Haisha Full Movie Download 123mkv com: It is a comedy-drama film directed by Sharad Kataria. The movie was already on screen in Hollywood with the name my Big Fat Wife. Dum Laga Ke Haisha Full Movie Download 123mkv.com is a movie that reflects how people living in a Kasba want to lead a perfect life without having a perfect essence in it. The movie has a storyline that is one of the best things Bollywood miss at times while showcasing anything.

On the other hand, Aayushman Khurana is the young Kumar Sanu in the movie who gets married to a healthy girl in the town. A girl who was judged by size and the opinions of others has no other option left but to accept what people say about her. Bhumi Padnekar has played the role of the most beautiful inside-out person who believes in creating her identity and wishes to receive nothing in return but mere love and respect from her dear ones. 123mkv com offers this movie in HD quality.

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Shang Chi Movie download in Hindi 123mkv.com: The full name of this movie is Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. This movie is one of the highly watched films and received a rating of 7.5 stars on IMDb. In Shang Chi Movie, the main character of the movie is a martial-arts master. He, one day confronts the past which was left back a long time. Shang-Chi gets caught into a web of the Ten Rings organization. Marvel Studios, Fox Studios Australia, and Walt Disney Pictures are the producers of the movie.  www 123mkv movies have recorded a good number of downloads for this movie at 123mkv hollywood. 123mkv Hollywood offers many movies from the Hollywood industry. There are many web series that are released in 123mkv Hollywood. 123mkv Hollywood has a rating of offering best web series. Moreover, 123mkv Hollywood also contains cartoons.


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Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui full movie download 123mkv.com: Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui is a Bollywood movie starring Vani Kapoor and Ayushman Khurana. In the movie, a bodybuilder falls in love with a Zumba Teacher. The love story moves steadily on the road until the two falls into the twist and turns of life. However, the movie talks about a relationship between a man and a trans-woman. The movie is released in 2022 only. But it portrays a strong message for people. From this movie and through the characters, the audience would know about who trans-genders are and how normal they are like us. They will come to know that it was their choice to remove the defects from their bodies and live like normal being, It reflects how they deserve a meaningful place in the world and wants all the respect out here.

Vaani Kapoor has played a role of a trans-women. Her role not only stands forward to believe that trans-woman wants to lead normal lives, but also that trans-woman knows that they are doing the right thing. They do not have to sacrifice their freedom for the judgments of others.  123mkv world offers this movie as well. Earlier, 123mkv world had only selected movies on the screen. But now, every popular movie is available on 123mkv world. As the name suggests, 123mkv world offers movies from all over the world. Not only movies, 123mkv world has web series and cartoons also.

123mkv movies
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Antim Full Movie Download 123mkv.com: Antim movie stars are Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma, Mahima Makwana and Pragya Jaiswal. The movie was released last year in November. Antim revolves around a man who belongs to a humble origin and culture. He enters into an influential position within organized crime. The man continues to witness his deeds until he runs across a police officer who takes his job of upholding justice. Antim movie on 123kmovies com is a Marathi adaptation of the movie ‘Mulshi Pattern. It is an action thriller movie that revolves around a boy who comes from a small town and ends up being the biggest and strongest mafia of Pune.


123mkv movies
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Bell Bottom Full Movie Download 123mkv.com: The movie Bell bottom stars Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Vaani Kapoor, and Huma Qureshi. In this movie, some terrorists hijack a flight. So, an undercover agent seeks to rescue passengers from the flight. He undergoes different quests and challenges to become successful in the end. Ranjit Tiwari directed this movie. However, it did not receive any good response from the critic. Viewers and those who love 123mkv movies can download this movie in HD mode as well. The greatest of all, Akshay Kumar has done a marvelous job presenting his character. However, new actors and actresses in Bollywood were no less.

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War full movie download in Hindi HD 720p 123mkv.com: It is a Bollywood movie in which Tiger Shroff played a lead role. Tiger was high on the ranks of the Indian armed forces. He had to fight against the sins of his father which was his biggest challenge. His father used to work with Kabir who turned into a traitor. 123mkv download will include all the movies that you downloaded from 123mkv Bollywood. If you want to watch any movie again, you can go through 123mkv download. 123mkv download is an easy process. All the 123mkv Bollywood movies are in HD mode at 123mkv download.

Shaadi me Zaroor Aana full movie download 720p 123mkv.com: It is a romantic-drama movie of Rajkummar Rao and Kriti Kharbanda. The movie was loved by a critic. In the first part of the movie, the audience was loved the romantic story of Satyendra and Aarti who met each other for an arranged marriage and gradually fell in love with each other. However, the second half of the movie reveals how Aarti elopes with her dreams on the night of the wedding. To prove to Aarti who Satyendra Pratap is, he becomes an IAS officer. The movie Shaadi me Zaroor Ana depicts how Satyendra wants to earn his dignity and became a successful man for revenge.

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In most Bollywood hits, men are always shown in a devastated manner after their breakups. But this movie portrays how a man focuses on his career and takes revenge on the girl who elopes, he becomes a better and more successful person. This movie is best for this who forget their potential after claiming someone as the love of their life. Although it’s been so many years since the movie was released, people still download it on 123mkv movies. You can later find this 123mkv Bollywood movie at 123mkv download. 123mkv download will store all the data of movies. 123mkv download is safe to use.


Sanam Teri Kasam full movie download 123mkv.com: It is a romantic movie that proves true love doesn’t always mean to end together, sometimes destiny plays its role. It is one of the best movies in Bollywood which received many awards. The audience loves this movie and considers it their favorite. 123mkv movies have observed many downloads for this movie.

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The movie revolves around a girl, Saraswati who is abandoned by her father. Inder supports her and stands for her fighting against all the odds. Lovers fall for each other but destiny drifts them apart. If anybody from the general audience would raise a question about their favorite movie, 60 percent of the total strength out there would take the name Sanam Teri Kasam. However, the movie engraved that true love never dies.

Baaghi 3 full movie download 123mkv.com: As the movie suggests, it is the third sequel of the movie Baaghi. The movie revolves around two brothers sharing an unbreakable bond, Ronnie and Vikram. Vikram had to leave Ronnie and travel for some reason. To observe an unbreakable bond and selfless love between two brothers, www 123mkv hindi offers this movie. Nowadays, Bollywood always comes with a love story. It doesn’t define the true meaning of the word love. But this movie called upon selfless love between brothers and the movie revolves around them. It revolves around the bond they shared and the sacrifices they made for each other. Baaghi has two more sequels in the name of Baaghi and Baaghi 2. It was the third movie that is on air.



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Hacked full movie download 123mkv Hindi: Hina Khan, a television actress turning Bigg Boss star turning one of the popular actresses is playing a lead role in the movie. She is playing the role of Sameera in the movie. In this movie hacked, Sameera is not happy with her boyfriend. She consequently sleeps with her neighbor. Later, Vivek, her neighbor hacks into everything. Beginning from defaming to blackmailing, he makes her life miserable. Hacked was Hina Khan’s first movie.

However, the actress has already worn the crown of the finest television actress. Now, she has come through Bollywood as well. After doing a commendable job in Big Boss and becoming a runner-up there, Hina Khan was always trending on Twitter. The queen has millions of fans in the world and now she has set her destination of being one of the best actresses in Bollywood as well. Talking about her movie, the movie received great responses from the critic.  123mkv movie com also includes such movies that were not so well in theatres. But many movies did not go well in theatres. 123mkv movie com has those movies as well.

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123mkv movies
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Atrangi re full movie download 123mkv Hindi: Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan, and Dhanush are playing the lead role in this movie. The director of the movie is Aanand L. Rai and A. R.  Rahman is the music director. It is all about the chaos between a run-away girl, her husband, and her boyfriend.

In the movie, Sara Ali Khan marries Dhanush. As time passes, her boyfriend enters their lives and that is the new beginning of the twists and turns in the couple’s life. Talking about one of the best actors in this movie, Dhanush has great respect in movies of the south. He is one of the best actors there. However, Dhanush is one of the finest actors in India. He will work in many more Bollywood movies in the future.


The family man full movie download 123mkv Hindi: So, it is a web series based on action and drama. It is one of the web series which is very famous among the viewers. A middle-class man worked for the National Investigation Agency. He performs a secretive job where he knows about his roles towards his nation and family. The family man revolves around how a middle-aged person protects the nation and his family even after working a high-pressure and low-paying job.

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So, the family man is one of the best web series. If anybody has not yet seen his series, he is missing the greatest suspense in his life. Manoj Baajpayee has done an amazing job in this movie. After the release of the first sequel The Family Man, the makers also released the second sequel of the series. Once the poster was out, viewers could not hold their excitement about watching the second sequel. The second sequel is available on www 123mkv 2022. That’s why a huge strength downloaded it at www 123mkv movies.


Apart from highlighting www 123mkv Bollywood movie, www 123mkv Hollywood movie, www 123mkv south movie and www 123mkv Bengali movies, 123kmovies.com also showcases cartoons. So, this pirated website is also beneficials for children who wants to watch animated cartoons that are not available on cartoon channels. Moreover, one can also look at the vampire series at 123k movies.com. movies in many formats are available on www 123mkv movie com and 123mkv in. Viewers do not have to go anywhere in search of them. Neither do they have to go to movie theatres to watch the latest movies. They will get everything served on their plates at home only.


On the other hand, the section called 123mkv south movie has all the movies from the south. Actors and actresses from the south are entering Bollywood now. But they have great respect in the south. All the movies they have in the south are available on 123mkv south movie. Some 123mkv south movies are famous worldwide also.


Generally, working people do not have time to spend with their families. These people lack personal space and their relaxation time with family. For such an audience, 123kmovies.com serves the best results. Consequently, viewers can sit with their families and play the movies they like or prefer to watch and enjoy the day. So, 123kmovies.com, or we can say 123mkv in also serves some features. It is a user-friendly website in which you can download your favorite shows and web series within seconds.

  • Firstly, the website is very easy to use. Moreover, it provides quality content.
  • Secondly, the web page has many categories and sub-categories. So, viewers can check all the categories and play their favorite shows on their laptops and mobile phones.


It is a pirated website. So, the URL of the website keeps on changing to be free from piracy issues. So, some other names of the same pirated website are :

  • 123mkv in

  • 123mkv.com

  • 123mkv Hindi

  • 123mkv com

  • www 123mkv com

  • 123mkv world

  • 123mkv Hollywood

  • Also, 123mkv in

  • 123mkv Bollywood

  • 123mkv 2022

  • www 123mkv

  • 123mkv movie com

  • Lastly, 123mkv Bengali movie

So, go and check the website now and enjoy watching your movies and shows with your family. The comfort is at your place!



We want to notify you that we usually do not plan to publicize the Piracy Website in any of the ways. In today’s article, we’ve just informed our readers about Piracy Websites like just 123mkv in Bollywood. Under the Indian constitution, putting up with the content of any holder is certainly a punishable crime. The site, Desifunnel.com highly contradicts this regional piracy site. All of you should never install movies from this kind of site. Our goal isn’t to facilitate any kind or type of illegal work. Please it’s a request to all to proceed with the technique that is legal to watch the movie.


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